Grocery Stores Renovations

The two closest big grocery stores are either going under or finished renovations recently, HEB and Randall’s. I only shop at HEB and I like the new layout but would like to see a final plan of what it is going to look like finished. Every time I have gone in recently they have rearranged… Read More >>

Some minor details about the Four Points HEB renovation

I had an earlier post about the fact that HEB would be undergoing renovations at the corner of 620 and 2222, also known as the Four Points HEB. Now some more details from a recent article in the Austin 360. So it looks like some cool things are coming to this store. I don’t know… Read More >>

Four Points HEB to get a facelift?

The HEB at Four Points is pretty good. I always go there for all my grocery shopping. When I lived down south they had a new HEB store that was almost like a Central Market in that it had a food bar and other types of upscale amenities. I spotted this in an article about… Read More >>

Gas Station and Convenience Store in Steiner Ranch

There is finally a gas station in Steiner Ranch called Wag A Bag. It gets its gas from Shell. The prices are competitive compared to the gas stations in and around Four Points (620/2222). It also has a pretty extensive beer and wine selection for a gas station and a fair amount of grocery items…. Read More >>

Market at Steiner Ranch

This is a great grocery store in Steiner Ranch. Here is a story about it in the Statesman about small grocery stores in general that are popping up in Austin. This place has a great deli, meat, and beer/wine selection. The fruits and vegetable section leaves something to be desired, but all around a great… Read More >>