Bunko Groups

Victoria asks: I am interested if there are any Bunko groups in Steiner or if anyone would be interested in starting one?

Lawn, handyman, and maid recommendations

Some readers are asking about these services. I’m looking for somebody that is local that fits ceiling fans. Preferably somebody that is ‘inexpensive’ and somebody that has been used already and that can be recommended. I have two of them to go up. and also for a maid… We are very interested in seeing if any… Read More >>

Mommy and Me groups???

I got this question from Jennifer and I referred her to Stroller Strides but wondering if there were any other groups? We are new to Steiner Ranch and I was wondering if you know of any Mommy and Me-type playgroups that meet in the area?  My son is 13 months old and he and I… Read More >>

Water Aerobics

I got a question from a reader, it asks the question itself. I was wondering if there is a water aerobics group that meets at any of the pools in the summer?

Farmers Market near Steiner Ranch?

A reader asks if anyone knows if there is a farmers market closer to Steiner Ranch. I know of the one downtown and Sunset Valley. Any others?

Library near Steiner Ranch

I got a question from a reader about the public library that residents should use. It is not the City of Austin library system as we do not pay taxes there, although we can use it for sixty dollars a year. I thought it was the Lakeway Library system but this map says it is… Read More >>

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and I am not going to say we should plant trees or sell our cars and buy Prius’ but… Here are some simple things I think we can do. Tomorrow take all those HEB plastic bags and turn in five of them for a green reusable bag. Start recycling if you… Read More >>

Steiner Cares Update

Got an update from Tom Henry about some recent and upcoming projects of Steiner Cares The Steiner Cares Dress for Success Clothing Drive was a True Success! Our community came together for an overwhelming response. We are still receiving donations, but the latest totals are over 140 suits (many of which still had tags on… Read More >>

Update on Steiner Ranch Women’s Clothing Drive

Update from Tom Henry on the a Steiner Cares Event: Last Saturday kicked off our 3 week drive to support the Austin chapter of Dress For Success. We have had a great response so far! Thanks to all who have contributed to helping these women of Austin get back on their feet. Who are the… Read More >>

Texas Two Step

Two things that get people really riled up are politics and religion, so I try to stay away from those two topics on this blog… except for today I am not going to tell you who to vote for, that is something you have to decide on your own. Vote for someone you believe in… Read More >>