Steiner Ranch HOA Transfer Fees

The Steiner Ranch HOA recently went under new management and they changed the structure of fees associated with selling a home in Steiner Ranch.  These are all addressed in  the HOA addendum of the purchase contract.  Please note that these fees are accurate today (3/12/19) and that I will update as I learn of changes, but info should be verified.

  1.  The HOA charges $285 to generate the documents that need to be given to the buyer, including the resale certificate.  The HOA requires $35 upfront and charges $250 at closing.  These are negotiable per paragraph E of the contract but are typically a seller expense.
  2. When you purchase a home in Steiner you pay a one time deposit into the neighborhood reserves.  This used to be one payment of $600 but they have now broken it up into two separate line items – $420 for working capital fund and $180 for initial assessment.  These are a buyer expense per paragraph D of the HOA addemdum.
  3. There is a $250 transfer fee which is negotiable per Paragraph C of the addendum.  It is frequently split by buyer and seller.