Your Pets and Heat Exhaustion

This came to me from a fellow Steiner Rancher… I’m glad she mentioned this because it’s very important!! It is getting to be that time of year where the extreme heats sets in and the Texas summer is in full swing. Please, please, please be *very* conscious about the time of day you are walking… Read More >>

A Call for Steiner Ranch Bands & Musicians

Got this from Donny: Steiner Ranch HOA is currently looking for bands and musicians from within the community who are interested in performing at a fun music event later this summer.  This will be our own little SXSW or Austin City Limits festival, featuring the talent of Steiner Ranch residents.  We have scheduled a date… Read More >>

Pet Peeves during my commute

I was inspired by Heather’s post to talk about traffic and my general commute. I have a couple so here goes… 1. I live past the middle school so every day I have to negotiate traffic in that area. I have my ways. This does not increase traffic in the area, but I see that… Read More >>

Stoplights in Steiner??

Anyone know anything about this? I’ve heard some rumors and I’ve been told they are redoing traffic counts to possibly put stoplights in Steiner. I’m not really sure how I feel about this…on one hand it would be nice because there are so many angry stop sign skippers in the morning and a lot of… Read More >>

River Place Annexation

Two interesting articles 1 2 I looked at the tax rates on a Steiner Ranch home and see two WCID 17 entries which I assume is to pay down a MUD like River Place has. I wonder if that is the case and how long it will take to pay it off. If we do… Read More >>