News item

UPDATE: New link… I guess charges were dropped I mean the name of the blog is the Steiner Ranch Information Blog… right? This news from the great grandson of the namesake of the neighborhood. Some history about T.C. Steiner I never knew: Steiner’s great-grandfather, T.C. “Buck” Steiner, has his own wing in the Rodeo Hall… Read More >>

30 great things to do in Central Texas

link How many have you done? I have been in Austin seven years going on eight and I have only done seven out of the thirty… less than 50%. Terrible. I have done 3,6,11,15,17,18 and 20. How about you? Post your score in the comments.

Grocery Stores Renovations

The two closest big grocery stores are either going under or finished renovations recently, HEB and Randall’s. I only shop at HEB and I like the new layout but would like to see a final plan of what it is going to look like finished. Every time I have gone in recently they have rearranged… Read More >>

Steiner Ranch Forums/Message board I have been puttering around with this idea for a while, and I have had some time to finally install it. I have used this software before and it is pretty good. I have been getting a lot of questions about things in Steiner Ranch and most of the time I just put it… Read More >>