Leonard Fire Family Update

I got this email from Erin Bloss from the Leonard family that was affected by the fire. UPDATE ON LEONARD FAMILY- family affected by fire on Cowden Drive To all of you who so graciously gave money, clothes, toiletries, donations and gift cards, Keely Leonard has sent a heartfelt thank you note for me to… Read More >>

Middle and High School in Ribelin Ranch Details

Short on text long on pictures. They do say a picture speaks a thousand words. I got this pdf link sent to me about the new middle and high school in Ribelin Ranch. The jist of the story is that the middle school will open in the Fall of 2009 and the high school in… Read More >>

The case of the ramps that go nowhere…

Driving in South Austin is sometimes a big pain. We were going somewhere on Sunday and driving back on I35N to get to 290 West/Ben White to get to 360 to get home. There is a ramp from 35 to 290 West but it does not connect, so instead we have to wait through two… Read More >>

Update on Steiner Ranch Women’s Clothing Drive

Update from Tom Henry on the a Steiner Cares Event: Last Saturday kicked off our 3 week drive to support the Austin chapter of Dress For Success. We have had a great response so far! Thanks to all who have contributed to helping these women of Austin get back on their feet. Who are the… Read More >>

Texas Two Step

Two things that get people really riled up are politics and religion, so I try to stay away from those two topics on this blog… except for today I am not going to tell you who to vote for, that is something you have to decide on your own. Vote for someone you believe in… Read More >>