Construction at 620 and Boulder

Some people were asking about the construction at 620 and Boulder, for a moment I thought it was this development until I read it more carefully. That development is actually inside Grandview Hills. Does anyone know what that construction project is about?

Announcement: Ernie Reyes comes to Austin

Got this from Cindy and Andra Allen the owners of Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts: Black Belt Hall of Fame Martial Artist Ernie Reyes Sr. to Attend Austin Studio Grand Opening Steiner Ranch Boasts First Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts Facility in Texas Black Belt Hall of Fame martial artist Ernie Reyes Sr. will visit… Read More >>

If you want to help the family affected by the fire

I got this email passed on to me by Pete who also sent me the photos. I am omitting the phone number, email me on the right if you want the phone number. Mitch and Keely Leonard lost their home on Cowden on Tues afternoon. They have a a 9yr old boy, a 7yr old… Read More >>

Steiner Ranch T-ShirtBumper Sticker Ideas

I had an idea of selling T-shirts and bumper stickers through Cafe Press or some online website like that, but since “Steiner Ranch” is a registered trademark… no dice. But I had some funny ideas (at least I thought they were funny) and since I don’t want them to go waste now. Here they are… Read More >>

Apartments coming to Ribelin Ranch

Ribelin Ranch is going to be completely different in a year, people will actually be living there and soon after going to school there. That is the site of a new high school where presumably kids from Steiner Ranch, Riverplace, and Grandview Hills will go to. It will also house a middle school where kids… Read More >>

Submit Articles to the Steiner Ranch Star

I added a couple of links on the right. One is a link to the Steiner Ranch Star and also a link to submit an article to the newsletter. I am trying to keep the link section up to date and changing. Another thing I added under the Archives on the right hand side of… Read More >>

Donation Opportunity

Got this info from one of our readers. This sounds like a good opportunity to help out. Dress for Success – Austin Women’s Suit Drive Jump-start your spring organizing while giving a disadvantaged woman the confidence to take the first step towards economic independence. During the weeks of March 1st -22nd, Steiner Ranch will be… Read More >>

Kids info: Tumble/Gymnastics

Got this email from Maria a Steiner Resident. I am a Steiner resident, and my 4-year old daughter recently started attending a tumble/gymnastics class at My Time Kids on 620 out towards Lakeway. They have classes for babies through age 5, walk-in Open Gym several mornings a week, and they also have Parents Night Out… Read More >>

The Venue at Lake Travis is moved/postponed

Thanks to bshelton in the comments section about High Pointe Village for these two links. From reading the articles it seems like The Venue at Lake Travis will still happen, but in an alternate place. I don’t see why they can not do it accross the road from HEB and Taco Cabana. There is a… Read More >>