Leander ISD Bond and other school news

I guess the first question I have before I dive into this post is: Where is River Dance in Steiner Ranch? I looked at the map of Steiner Ranch and could not find it. I am guessing it is somewhere in Belcara. The reason I am asking is that Leander ISD announced that they purchased… Read More >>

Ch ch changes… aka Moving Time

I ponied up and bought a new domain and got some web hosting space and have a new place to call home at http://www.steinerranchinfo.com/ Check out the new site… all the same content/comments, better format so that I can do some new cool things I have been thinking of.

Steiner Ranch Commute to Downtown

In a recent Statesman article, Ben Wear drove from near Rick Perry’s home in Barton Creek Estates to the State Capitol at 12th and Congress. He said it took him 31 minutes to go 11.2 miles. I have a 20 mile commute from my house to just south of downtown where I work. Here is… Read More >>

Holiday Planning Tips and Tricks?

I got a request from a reader about any good people for Christmas Light Decorators besides those signs you see on 620 and 2222. If there are any recommendations for this type of service please post a comment. If there are any other tips or tricks for Thanksgiving/Christmas services in and around Steiner Ranch, please… Read More >>

Cups and Cones open

Cups and Cones is open. I checked it out real quick today. I like the layout a lot. The layout of the store is an inverted L shape. You walk into the middle of the top of the inverted ‘L’. On the immediate left is a flat screen tv and a tape player for kids… Read More >>

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse Construction Started

The title says it all. In case you don’t know the history, there is going to be a steakhouse with views of Lake Travis closer to the secondary Steiner Ranch entrance. From what I read somewhere, construction is starting now and expected to finish in a year.

Lakeline Station

Found this article about Lakeline Station/Crossings? at the northeast corner of 183 and 620. It is a TOD (transit-oriented development) that will go along the future Cap Metro commuter rail line. Here is a much better article that explains it. Seems like a lot of houses, apartments and retail space to feed into the new… Read More >>

New Lakeline Stores

Found a cool new blog about Real Estate in Austin. It has one recent post pertaining to us. Cedar Park is getting some new retailers and specialty stores at Lakeline Mall. New tenants include Bachrach, Bath Junkie, dELIA’S, Fanzz Sports Apparel & More and the remodel of Bath & Body Works, Express, Victoria’s Secret and… Read More >>

Hill Country Galleria

Hill Country Galleria opened a few weekends ago. I plan on checking it out soon, but I found two cool links (1 2) that show the shops that are open here. For people that are not sure what the Galleria is all about. It is a “lifestyle center” with a Cinemark, Dilliard’s, Barnes and Nobles,… Read More >>

Ladera Bend

As you are driving along 2222 towards town, right before the Jester and 2222 light there is some construction going on there which will be the future Ladera Bend. As of right now I only see a Chase Bank as far as retail is concerned, but expect more retail to be announced. There is also… Read More >>