Kim Nails & Spa

This is Hema, and just thought I would quickly sneak in and post a review (and contribute my bit to this blog, started by Mahesh, my husband).I went by Kim Nails and Spa – and it was the one of the best manicure & padicure I ever got! The ambience, cleanliness and the staff leave… Read More >>

Steiner Ranch Wine and Liquor

Steiner Ranch Wine and Liquor opened at the end of July 2007 in the new retail center in the center of Steiner Ranch. I went inside and had a large variety of beers, wines, and hard liquor. The prices were in line with other liquor stores that I have been too. I just usually go… Read More >>

Spa’s in Steiner Ranch

There are two spa’s in Steiner Ranch. I have not been to either one, but I plan on getting my wife some gift certificates to one of these two places in the near future. Halina’s European Day Spa is the less famous of the two and is in the front of Steiner Ranch. Lake Austin… Read More >>

Airport Fast Park in Austin

One more general tip before I get to some more meaty stuff. I am a frequent user when I go to the airport of Airport Fast Park. They have great rates and the best part is that they pick you up right from your car and take you right to the airport. I parked in… Read More >>

Sorry been gone, on vacation… more posts to come

Me and the missus went to Seattle for a week stay and had a great time… I know the focus of this blog is Steiner Ranch, but just wanted to give some suggestions to people that want to visit Seattle. First take the tour provided by Show Me Seattle. It was a good tour, small… Read More >>