What do you want to see?

I seem to be getting a lot more visitors to my blog. A big thank you to all the visitors and commenters. All participation is welcome. I also want to know what you are interested in seeing on the blog. Any other type of information or commentary about Northwest Austin? Just tell me. I will… Read More >>

Four Points Centre

There is ongoing development at Four Points. Right now there is a complex with HEB and a Target next door. In the future there will be 2 office buildings and an hotel which are being built right now. Then eventually 125,000 Sq ft of lifestyle retail, whatever that means. Hopefully something like Arboretum with some… Read More >>

Amazing Deck Builder in Austin

When we first moved into our house in Steiner Ranch, we had a great backyard and the thing that would complete it was a nice deck attached to our semi-covered patio. I went on craigslist and found some deck builders and got some quotes. After searching and searching for the right price and design, I… Read More >>

Taco Cabana next to Taco Bell at Four Points

I am a frequent Taco Bell eater (also known affectionately as Toxic Hell), and I always saw the blank space next to the McDonald’s on the corner of Four Points Drive and 620. I saw them clearing the land recently and always wondered why that tract of land was never built along with the Lamb’s… Read More >>

Movie Theater at Four Points near Steiner Ranch

Maybe in two years, but there seems to be plans for a movie theater in a retail center near the 620 and 2222 corner which is pretty close to Steiner Ranch called High Pointe Village Here is this blurb at the Kucera Co Website. High Pointe Village is a beautifully planned neighborhood life style center… Read More >>

Tutto Gusto Menu, specials, and website

Finally Tutto Gusto has a website. It is below. http://www.tuttogusto.com/ Also the menu and Happy Hour specials are on their website. There is a good deal at the Happy Hour. Excerpt from the website. HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS Join us for the Tutto Gusto Happy Hour, Monday through Friday, from 4-7pm. Specials include: Drinks Margaritas and… Read More >>

Gas Station and Convenience Store in Steiner Ranch

There is finally a gas station in Steiner Ranch called Wag A Bag. It gets its gas from Shell. The prices are competitive compared to the gas stations in and around Four Points (620/2222). It also has a pretty extensive beer and wine selection for a gas station and a fair amount of grocery items…. Read More >>

Nails and Spa Places in Steiner Ranch

There are two nails and spa places in Steiner Ranch and I have not visited either one. Both look nice but I wonder how many of these places can be supported in one area… it boggles the mind. One of them has a link. Check it out. Glamour Nails and Spa Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7:30pm, Sat… Read More >>

Dry Cleaner in Steiner Ranch

There is finally a dry cleaner in Steiner Ranch. They are actually part of a chain of dry cleaners in Austin. Here is a link to their specials of the week. If you go to the previous link you can also find coupons for dry cleaning service. I have used them a couple of times… Read More >>

Delicato Creamery

This upscale bakery also serves as a coffeehouse and sandwich place in Steiner Ranch. I or my wife particularly did not enjoy the coffee but to each his/her own. They also had standard baked goods like pound cake and also have all kinds of flavors of gelato. One of our friends ordered a huge cake… Read More >>