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August 4, 2008

Not sure if its true… but the rumor is…

That Quinlan Park Grill will be turning into a thai place??? Read this comment. qpg employee // Aug 3, 2008 at 10:49 pm i find many of these things good suggestions. however, they will not matter much come this friday. the establishment has been sold to a thai food place. take this for better or for worse but i hope you are happy… Not sure if it is real or not. Can anyone […]

February 12, 2008

High Pointe Village February Update

Got an update on some possible business’ opening in High Pointe Village. First and most important is a movie theater which is coming to look at and approve the site. I really hope and wish it is something like an Alamo Drafthouse. I know people will go to a regular movie theater, but after having drinks and food at Alamo me and my wife have not been to a traditional movie theater in a while. We will see which type it will be, I doubt Cinemark […]

January 25, 2008

Shops at Steiner Ranch – More tenants getting set

There are a couple of updates on the Shops at Steiner Ranch. Some of these are rumors and some of them like the Montessori school is confirmed. The first one where the cat is already kind of out of the bag in the comments section of the School and Kids News Post is that a Montessori school will take most of the now empty building near the water fountain. They plan on opening this summer. It is called School in the Hills Montessori […]

January 7, 2008

Rumor Time: Tutto Gusto will become Quinlan Park Grill

Through some of my sources, I found out that Tutto Gusto is changing up a little bit. It will now become more American food fare and be called Quinlan Park Grill. This supposedly will happen in the next few days. First big change in Steiner Business’. It will be interesting to see the menu and success of this new restaurant. The ownership is not changing, but the menu and concept […]

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