Traffic in Austin and how do you drive

Saw this article in the Statesman about traffic congestion being the #1 problem in Austin right now. I don’t know if this is the case, but it is an issue that affects a lot of people all over the city. Another good article in the Statesman (wow, two in one week!!) is about a new… Read More >>

Patching up 620 and other road work

So I see there is road work being done on RM 620 starting this week between 2222 and Quinlan Park Road. The trucks and other road equipment is right past the church on the lake. I fail to understand what they are doing. It seems like they are patching certain sections randomly. I did some… Read More >>

The case of the ramps that go nowhere…

Driving in South Austin is sometimes a big pain. We were going somewhere on Sunday and driving back on I35N to get to 290 West/Ben White to get to 360 to get home. There is a ramp from 35 to 290 West but it does not connect, so instead we have to wait through two… Read More >>

Apartments coming to Ribelin Ranch

Ribelin Ranch is going to be completely different in a year, people will actually be living there and soon after going to school there. That is the site of a new high school where presumably kids from Steiner Ranch, Riverplace, and Grandview Hills will go to. It will also house a middle school where kids… Read More >>

The road formerly known as Steiner Ranch Blvd

I got a few emails and had a dinner conversation on how terrible the road that leads from the secondary entrance of Steiner Ranch from 620 to Quinlan Park Road on Steiner Ranch Blvd. I was surprised to see that other people were so annoyed with it as I was. For the people that don’t… Read More >>

Bridge in River Place over Lake Austin?

I had an email from a reader asking if I knew about a bridge being built presumably in the rear of River Place crossing Lake Austin. I have not. Have any of the readers heard of this either? I want to go drive around there today, but forgot. Next weekend. The only three roads it… Read More >>

Lakeline Station

Found this article about Lakeline Station/Crossings? at the northeast corner of 183 and 620. It is a TOD (transit-oriented development) that will go along the future Cap Metro commuter rail line. Here is a much better article that explains it. Seems like a lot of houses, apartments and retail space to feed into the new… Read More >>