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July 23, 2008

30 great things to do in Central Texas

link How many have you done? I have been in Austin seven years going on eight and I have only done seven out of the thirty… less than 50%. Terrible. I have done 3,6,11,15,17,18 and 20. How about you? Post your score in the […]

April 6, 2008

Step by Step directions on how to enter RSU’s on Turbo Tax Premier

OFF TOPIC Post: This was my doing tax weekend so here is some how to on something that really annoyed me. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to enter RSU’s (Restricted Stock Units) into Turbo Tax Premier. I did not figure it out, my friend Bentley (yes he is named after the car) showed me how to do it. I am passing on the information to you. The example is 900 shares vesting on 4/21/2007 at 20 dollars and 300 of the […]

December 12, 2007


is the most important meal of the day. I usually wake up a grab a bowl of cereal while watching SportsCenter or listening to the Bobby Bones Show and then head on out to work. But on some weekends me and my wife like to head out to eat breakfast at the many great breakfast places in Austin. I found this article talking about breakfast places and wanted to agree/disagree with some of his choices. Biscuits and gravy. Two large, split, soft, […]

December 5, 2007

Cell Phone Nirvana

Ok, Most of the time I post about Steiner Ranch, but this one is not about Steiner. Me and my wife have been loyal Sprint customers for 6 years now and we always get the free phones that they offer and some crappy plan with no web, text messaging, or anything else cool. Our plan expired December 4th and I have been doing a lot of research about what plan to get now. I found the Sprint Sero plan from a really good deal website called […]

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