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August 8, 2008

New rash of Car Burglaries

From this link. There has been an increase in the number of night time burglaries of vehicles in the Steiner Ranch area. The majority of them have been unlocked vehicles parked outside and have had items in plain view stolen, such as Ipods and GPS systems. In a few of the cases entry has been gained by breaking a window or the sunroof. In many of the cases wallets and purses have been stolen from the vehicles. It is very important to always lock […]

July 24, 2008

News item

UPDATE: New link… I guess charges were dropped I mean the name of the blog is the Steiner Ranch Information Blog… right? This news from the great grandson of the namesake of the neighborhood. Some history about T.C. Steiner I never knew: Steiner’s great-grandfather, T.C. “Buck” Steiner, has his own wing in the Rodeo Hall of Fame and was an Old West-style cowboy who drank with Pancho Villa and hung out with Al Capone. He used the money he […]

July 22, 2008

People looking to move out of Steiner… according to the Statesman

I read this link this weekend and wondered what people thought. It seems like a random thing to throw in one neighborhood in all of Austin as the one with a long commute time to Austin. The attic isn’t finished, but it could be converted into an additional living space. In all, the house is just less than 3,400 square feet, according to tax records. Most of the people looking at the house have been families who live in Steiner Ranch or other […]

April 27, 2008

House Fire in River Heights Overlook

It occurred this morning at 6:45 AM and seemed to be caused by lightning. The house in on Country Trails Lane in the gated community of River Heights Overlook. Links here, here, here and here. More information when I get […]

April 1, 2008

Big News in Steiner Ranch

UPDATE: April Fools… Hope you did not go and storm the Steiner Ranch HOA Office with complaints.  I have some exciting news today from some of my sources. We are going to have a new tower project in Steiner Ranch called Steiner Ranch Towers. It will be at the corner of 620 and Quinlan Park Road. It will be the tallest building in Austin and you can see downtown Austin on a clear day. The first three floors will be retail and then some […]

March 28, 2008

Leonard Fire Family Update

I got this email from Erin Bloss from the Leonard family that was affected by the fire. UPDATE ON LEONARD FAMILY- family affected by fire on Cowden Drive To all of you who so graciously gave money, clothes, toiletries, donations and gift cards, Keely Leonard has sent a heartfelt thank you note for me to pass on. It is a great feeling to be a part of such a generous and great neighborhood.  I am proud to call Steiner home! See Below: It is […]

February 26, 2008

If you want to help the family affected by the fire

I got this email passed on to me by Pete who also sent me the photos. I am omitting the phone number, email me on the right if you want the phone number. Mitch and Keely Leonard lost their home on Cowden on Tues afternoon. They have a a 9yr old boy, a 7yr old boy, and an 18mo old daughter. Thankfully no one was hurt, and they have insurance. But, they need help temporarily. Gift cards to restaurants and clothing stores are very much […]

February 26, 2008

Breaking News: House caught on fire and burned down in Steiner Ranch

Links here and here. Update: It was only one house that was burned down. Changed the title. Seems to be in Grimes Ranch. Cut and Paste below. Glad that no one was hurt. Not sure if its a good idea to turn on the sprinkler system to wet the grass, it will be cold tonight but not below freezing. Will check tomorrow. A house in Steiner Ranch was badly damaged by fire Tuesday afternoon. Hudson Bend and Austin F.D. firefighters raced to the […]

January 31, 2008

Networking Organization in Steiner Ranch

I got an email from Elicia, the person who started this networking organization in Steiner Ranch. This organization is worldwide and Elicia started a chapter in Steiner Ranch. She can explain better what this organization is about. Read below. BNI is a a professional networking organization that allows only one person from each profession and the opportunity to share referrals. It is a structured meeting that is held every week and can be a […]

January 7, 2008

Cause of the UT Golf Club Fire determined

From this link and this link. The fire that destroyed the University of Texas Golf Club clubhouse on Dec. 26 appears to have been accidental, said investigators with the Hudson Bend Fire Department. “There was some roofing work going at the time the fire started, and the fire appears to have started in that area,” Hudson Bend Fire Marshal Bill Miller said in a written statement. “Once the fire started, the high winds contributed to […]

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