Apartments coming to Ribelin Ranch

Ribelin Ranch is going to be completely different in a year, people will actually be living there and soon after going to school there. That is the site of a new high school where presumably kids from Steiner Ranch, Riverplace, and Grandview Hills will go to. It will also house a middle school where kids… Read More >>

Four Points Centre

There is ongoing development at Four Points. Right now there is a complex with HEB and a Target next door. In the future there will be 2 office buildings and an hotel which are being built right now. Then eventually 125,000 Sq ft of lifestyle retail, whatever that means. Hopefully something like Arboretum with some… Read More >>

Taco Cabana next to Taco Bell at Four Points

I am a frequent Taco Bell eater (also known affectionately as Toxic Hell), and I always saw the blank space next to the McDonald’s on the corner of Four Points Drive and 620. I saw them clearing the land recently and always wondered why that tract of land was never built along with the Lamb’s… Read More >>