Negativity, whiners, criticism…

I read a lot of comments in the comments section about how this blog is negative and is full of whiners and does not offer any constructive criticism. I disagree. I think there are certain anonymous people that put up a comment and say something stupid and snarky and leave. I call these comments drive-by… Read More >>

Steiner Ranch Forums/Message board I have been puttering around with this idea for a while, and I have had some time to finally install it. I have used this software before and it is pretty good. I have been getting a lot of questions about things in Steiner Ranch and most of the time I just put it… Read More >>

I’m back…

No posts for about 40 days… it was not some delayed lent thing. I was on an extended vacation. I just got back Sunday night. I saw most of the northeast US and then took a cruise in Italy to Greece, Turkey and Italy. I am glad to be back. I have 1500 something pictures… Read More >>

Submit Articles to the Steiner Ranch Star

I added a couple of links on the right. One is a link to the Steiner Ranch Star and also a link to submit an article to the newsletter. I am trying to keep the link section up to date and changing. Another thing I added under the Archives on the right hand side of… Read More >>

Subscribe to the Site

If you want to get an email if a post is made in a certain day to this blog, you are in luck. Just to the right of this post under the Contact and Search information is a subscribe box powered by Feedburner. It won’t spam you or anything like that, but any day I… Read More >>

School and Kid News

As you can probably tell from the content on this blog and the fact that I have time to do a blog like this, my wife and I don’t have kids at this time. Because of this I feel this blog lacks information in one of the biggest aspects of Steiner Ranch: kids and schools…. Read More >>

Steiner Ranch Winter Pool Usage Survey

I got this emailed to me a couple of times over the weekend. It seems strange that the survey is closing tomorrow/Monday. Click on this link to take the survey. I don’t use the pools in the morning and never during the winter, but if you do then get your voice heard. This seems like… Read More >>

Ch ch changes… aka Moving Time

I ponied up and bought a new domain and got some web hosting space and have a new place to call home at Check out the new site… all the same content/comments, better format so that I can do some new cool things I have been thinking of.

Welcome New Readers…

Welcome all new readers thanks to my Steiner Ranch Star article. Check it out. I submitted an article to them and its on the front page. I am attaching the snippet below. Here is a link to the PDF. For those new readers (and old), check out the archives and the comments and feel free… Read More >>