Recommendations for Steiner Ranch Lawn Services

I get some questions from readers about what other readers would recommend for certain services. I try and post all of them, and I know this particular question would garner some response. Since I do my own yard work… or try to, can anyone answer this question?

From Lois:

I would like to ask the readers if anyone could recommend a lawn service that cuts your lawn and also will maintain the flower beds.

I heard of someone that will do all your mowing, fertilizing, and bush trimming for a year for a thousand bucks. I thought that was too pricey, but anyway recommend away.

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  1. Depending on the size of you lawn, I don’t think $1k for a year is unreasonable. Especially, if it includes trimming bushes.

  2. Call Rick with Four Seasons Landscape and Handyman!! They offer a variety of services from basic lawn care, landscaping, decks/patios. ..they also have a handyman division that can fix everything!! He’s local, professional, responsive and has very reasonable prices! And oh…and they’ll hang your Christmas lights too!! His number is: 512-785-1212

  3. I recently had some work done by Austintatious Landscapes and I thought I would warn the Steiner Ranch community about this company.

    I recently had some general spring preparation work (weeding garden beds, bringing in soil/mulch, aerating/topdressing lawn) done by this company. I also had them build a few rock walls in the back yard. I’ll start with the good – everything I listed above was done in a timely and professional manner and looks very nice. Perhaps this is because I hadn’t paid them in full yet.

    One of my sprinkler heads in the back needed to be relocated due to the rock wall. Additionally, while working, they found a leak in my sprinkler line due to a cracked pipe in the front yard. I was told that they would fix this and invoice separately (since it was not part of the original bid). I said that was fine. When the repair was finished, I was told not to run my sprinklers for 24 hours so that the repair could properly seal. Michael told me that all of his repair work was warrantied for as long as I owned my home. The next evening, I turned on my sprinklers only to find that they no longer turn on in the backyard. Additionally, the pipe in the front yard was never fixed properly and still leaks (standing water in the front yard).

    Long story short, 7 weeks and countless unreturned phone calls later, I am now contracting a different company to come fix this problem. For the ‘repair’ work that was done, I was invoiced $295 (which I paid in full on the evening the work was completed, before testing the system).

    Bottom line – Prior to Austintatious Landscapes: I had a leak in my front yard, but all of my sprinklers worked. After Austintatious Landscapes, I still have a leak in my front yard, none of the sprinklers in my backyard work, I’m out $295, and I can’t get a return phone call from Michael. Nice warranty.

    I would not recommend using this company.

  4. I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if anybody has had any experience? I just got a door hanger for a company called LawnStarter ( that seems cool. Has anybody tried them?

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