Randall’s officially coming to Steiner Ranch

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PLEASANTON, Calif., May 19, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Property Development Centers (PDC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Safeway Inc., announced today that it plans to acquire nearly 61 acres in the Lake Travis area of Austin, Texas to develop a 163,027 square foot mixed use shopping center, anchored by a new Randalls supermarket. Construction is slated to start this fall with an opening in 2011.

Located at the entrance to Steiner Ranch, the center is at the southwest corner of RM Highway 620 and Quinlan Park Road in Austin, Texas. Steiner Ranch, an upscale planned community of over 4,000 existing single-family homes and apartment units, was developed by Taylor Woodrow Communities/Steiner Ranch, Ltd. in partnership with the Kucera Companies.

While the majority of the 61 acres being acquired will remain undisturbed and in its natural condition, the Randalls-anchored shopping center will sit on approximately 15 acres and will include a bank, several restaurants, a variety of retail shops and a medical/office building. “We are excited to begin this project and bring to the people of Austin’s Lake Travis and Steiner Ranch area a superior shopping experience, convenience and retail variety that they need and deserve,” said David Zylstra, COO of PDC.

The Randalls store at Steiner Ranch will be over 60,000 square feet and will feature full-service seafood, meat and deli departments, as well as a full-service bakery, and a Starbucks. The store will also have expanded organic and conventional produce departments, expanded beer and wine selections and a full-service pharmacy.

“This is going to be a special store with a broad range of products and services tailored to the tastes and needs of the Steiner Ranch community,” said Randalls Food and Drug President, Tom Schwilke. “We have been serving the Austin market continuously for nearly 40 years, and we look forward to extending that record through this important project.”

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  1. Traffic is already bad as it is. Don’t the residents of Steiner get to vote when something this big happens? Aside from my opinion that Randall’s is subpar, I don’t like our beautiful, green, rolling hills being destroyed. We aren’t Lakeway.

  2. This is a real set back for Steiner Ranch. It’s going to make traffic on 620 even worse (think 4 points intersections with no stoplights) and really depreciate the overall aesthetic. Randall’s? Really? This is the worst grocery store chain I’ve ever shopped. I’m going to start an online petition to put this to an end.

  3. Sadly, we don’t get to vote as we don’t own the land. People tried to stop the apartments from being built, too. Those hills were stunning before they were paved.

  4. I am very excited to see a Randalls come in. Its is far superior than HEB, although not looking forward to another Starbucks. I wonder what will happen to the Market

  5. Steiner is a wonderful example of the kind of Smart Growth that the City of Austin is trying to create – “compact, transit-oriented, walkable, bicycle-friendly land use, including neighborhood schools, complete streets, and mixed-use development with a range of housing choices” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_growth). We should be glad that this is coming to our area. It’s good for the environment to be able to conveniently bicycle or walk to a major grocery store, and will add to our property values. If you’re worried about the traffic issues perhaps you should take a look into your own transportation choices! We’re not using nearly enough mass transit in Steiner. If we were to close down one lane of Quinlan Park in each direction and assign it for bicycle and light rail use it would encourage the community to safely use this new resource, reduce our carbon footprint, and help our community become healthier and happier! We’ve already done this on Steiner Ranch Blvd – there’s no reason we need two lanes of car traffic in our neighborhood.

  6. ResidentEvil – that’s the funniest response I have ever read. You were kidding – right? “Light rail along Quinlan Park” – what? The bike lanes along Steiner Ranch have worked so well – sometimes I even see a bike using them (usually going the wrong way).

  7. Seriously Resident Evil? You really think people are going to bike to Randall’s? This isn’t an “I just need a quick carton of milk” grocery store. This is 5-10 bags of groceries type of place. I understand and respect your feeling for mass transit and biking but the majority of people are going to drive. And the parking lot they are going to put in will prove it whether they can fill it or not. Have you ever seen Target’s parking lot full? And it is enormous. In the end whether you shop there or not it will put more traffic in Steiner and destroy hundreds if not thousands of trees (which ironically combat the toxins humans put in the air from car combustion).

  8. Resident Evil:

    Thanks — it has been a busy morning and I really needed a good laugh.
    Seriously, there is nothing good about Randall’s coming to Steiner. Not only do we not need a grocery store, Randall’s is terrible. Years ago in Houston, when the Randall’s family owned the chain, it was a great store. With Safeway ownership over the past 15 or so years — not the same.
    As for the Market, I hope I am wrong, but I think Randall’s will hurt it if not kill it.

  9. James — thanks for putting this petition together. A question has come up regarding the donation. Do you need to make a donation in order for your signature to count?

  10. LJ –

    Absolutely no need for a donation. Not sure where the idea of a donation came from. I’ve not mentioned it. I just want to be able to collect enough feedback to make sure the owners are clear on how the residents feel about this.

  11. Thanks for clarifying. I will pass it along.

    I spoke with the owner of The Market and told him about the petition. What next? Does anyone know if they have purchased the land yet? Once that is done, the wheels are set in motion and is very difficult to stop. If we could get enough residents voice their opinion against this, maybe Randall’s will pay attention. Question is, how to notify the neighborhood about the petition and then who do we send it over to. The article cited David Zylstra and Tom Schwikle.

  12. LJ,
    James and I were thinking of making flyers, going door-to-door and promoting the petition via email and internet as much as possible. Since we only heard about it yesterday we haven’t had too much time to get a game plan together. I don’t have too much information on the land or the owners and not sure how to get it to them. Any thoughts on how to proceed?

  13. I wonder if some of the local businesses might post information in their stores. The Market might not be the only one that will have competition.

  14. First step would be to find out how close they are to buying the property. I think that info would come from either Taylor Woodrow or Kucera. Can’t see them giving up the info too easily, they want to sell that land. Long shot, but maybe try and contact Randall’s headquarters to put the bug in the ear of the higher ups that people are really not supporting this idea. I would like to help in anyway I can. I am inexperienced in this, but can do grunt work.

  15. The model perhaps should be what the Northcross neighborhood association did to address the planned WalMart in their area: http://www.rg4n.org/ . There’s a template for convincing a large corporation to tailor their plans into a transit-friendly, sustainable development. They were able to convince WalMart to constrain their store’s size, parking lot(!), hours of operation, and even driveway locations.

  16. ResidentEvil, I was thinking the same thing with Northcross and WalMart. I lived in Rosedale when it first started to organize, and it was done through word of mouth and e-mail… Has come along way.

    At the end of the article that this story is linked to are two names. One for Randalls and the other for the development group that plans the strip malls. Anyone interested in making some calls?

    Brian Dowling, 925-467-3787
    Connie Yates, 214-355-7315

  17. I don’t mind making a few phone calls. We are up to 145 name on the petition. I think it is time to start gathering some information so we can do something with these names.

  18. I am all for leaving the trees as they are. However, reality limits that possibility. I think the developer wants to sell the land – period. Stop and think if you are upset because it’s Randalls moving in or that the land is being developed? Me, kinda both. I feel we are grocery store saturated as it is right now. But, I imagine any potential land buyer is looking at the number of cars that pass by our 620/ Quinlan Park intersection every day and see business potential. I signed the petition. But even if it was XYZ company to build something there I would be bummed about that too. Are there any endangered toads living out there we should know about?

  19. Does anyone have friends in the media who might be interested in a story on local outrage to the developer’s plans?

    Maybe with more attention some change can happen before it’s too late. Although, at this point in the game, I doubt it.

    @Amanda, I’m bummed that it’s being developed at all, but have to admit that if it was a trader joes or whole foods, I’d be less grumpy about it. But really I don’t want to see anything there but the trees and views.

  20. Dislike Randall’s. I have lived in Steiner for 19 years…..we can survive without a grocery store in the hood.

  21. I don’t really care for Randall’s much, but they do offer some items that are much better than HEB.

    However, I am all for more choices, more competition. I bet most folks would have no objection if it was central market or whole foods. Look at the bright site…It could have been Walmart moving into our neighborhood…

  22. If it’s going to happen (seems inevitable), maybe they will make it (or maybe we can push for them to make it) a flagship store like the one in Westlake on Bee Caves Rd. At least it is more upscale

  23. This is a horrible development. We have three major grocers (including Randall’s) within a ten minute drive of Steiner right now. The plan isn’t for 18 acres of parking… it is for 38 ACRES of impervious cover… that is more than half of the lot. The traffic at Quinlan Park is horrid enough without adding cars, trucks, deliveries by 18 wheelers to the mix. Now, think about the amount of lighting this site will require from a spot with views of Lake Travis and Mansfield. Just because you *can* build something doesn’t mean you should. Call case manager Donna Galati (512) 974-2733 donna.galati@ci.austin.tx.us and tell the City of Austin we do not want to pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

  24. Calling someone in the City of Austin???? I thought those was Travis Co. jurisdiction for zoning and development

  25. I don’t know how you all feel, but I am disappointed that a single book store has not shown up – not sure if any one wanted to come and they did not get approval ?
    There are 3 elementary schools within Steiner, and 5 elementary schools (if we include River Place & Grandview Hills), 2 middle schools & 1 high school + Concordia University ??

    I have asked SR HOA how to atleast petition or request – but so far there has been no leads –
    any ideas ?

    It would be great for our neighborhood/children & adults.

  26. Why can’t it be Whole Foods? I’m sure Whole Foods would be a much better addition than Randall’s! Haven’t Randall’s CLOSED down several location in Austin? I don’t know of any superior products to HEB that Randall’s sells. They sell exact same stuff as HEB, nothing better. I sure won’t be shopping there! I’d rather drive to Whole Foods!

  27. Glad to see that Randall’s is coming to Steiner. For me, it is 24 miles round trip to Randall’s in Lakeway and 14 mi round trip to HEB.

    I do agree with the traffic comments and hope they make another entrance further west of Quinlan Park off of 620.

    I also hope that The Market can make it – I will certainly continue to patronize them because of their quality and service. Maybe The Market can become more of an organic grocer to meet that need in the area.

  28. I think the contract is signed and Randall’s is coming no matter what. I think we should all petition as to what goes in that shopping center…..if we can’t stop we might as well have some say.

  29. The message below was sent to me. If you do not want a new commercial development created at the entry way of Steiner, please read and contact the City of Austin today.
    I’d also like to say that the e-petition is not directed at the Steiner Ranch Corp. It is merely a way in which to collect signatures so we can battle this initiative.
    Do you want a 40 acre shopping center at the corner of Quinlan Park Road and 620?

    The Austin Planning Commission intends to vote for one as early as Jun 15, 2010!

    Project: Randall’s at the Ranch

    Location: 5145 N FM 620 RD W Bldgs.

    Description: Mixed use development. 37.5 Acres includes Randall’s Grocery, Liquor Store, Restaurants, Retail, Office Space. Total impervious cover (paved or built out) 15 Acres.

    Three detention ponds will discharge into Bear Creek, a tributary to of Lake Austin.

    There are currently 5 grocers within a 10 minutes drive of Steiner Ranch, including a Randall’s. Randall’s is a wholly owned subsidiary of Safeway Corp., North America’s second largest grocery store chain with 1377 stores.

    Owner: Taylor Woodrow Communities. Contact – Robert Long (512) 328-8866.

    Write or email the City of Austin, Planning and Development Review Department today:

    Case Number SP-2010-0102D

    Case Manager Donna Galati (512) 974-2733 – donna.galati@ci.austin.tx.us or Elsa Garza (512) 974-2308 elsa.garza@ci.austin.tx.us

    Please note there is an online e-petition circulating. The e-petition is directed at the Steiner Ranch Corporation, which has no say and nothing to do with this development. The only party that can stop or delay the development now is the City of Austin.

  30. I e-mailed the two persons mentioned in the e-mail from Erica. In sum, it looks like there is relaly very little that can be done. The zoning is not controlled by the City, and so long as the development meets the development code, the City has no discretion to deny the building permit. Here is the response:

    “Thank you for your interest in this case and for your comments. The land owner has applied to develop a Randalls at this location, and that application is being reviewed by City staff for compliance with all City codes, ordinances, and regulations. For this case, there is no vote or public hearing available—the landowner must comply with all the development laws. The review of this site plan application is not subjective in that City staff may only review for compliance with all City ordinances, rules, and laws concerning development law. After the applicant shows compliance with all City rules on their plans, I will be required to approve the permit.

    There are about a dozen reviewers that review for compliance with regulations in their respective disciplines, including transportation, environmental, water quality, and drainage. Because this site is outside of the City Limits, there is no zoning to review. City staff will review to ensure that the development is not located within any easements, including the preservation easement.

    The applicant’s name and contact information is also available on your notice, if you wish to contact the landowner as well.

    I noticed you included your address and phone number. Would you like me to include you as an Interested Party for this case? As an Interested Party, you will receive copies in the mail of the rejection comments from reviewers, which we also send to the applicant. The applicant then has the opportunity to change their plans, and staff will again review to see which comments have been cleared, and which remain. Then another comment report is sent. This process of update and review continues until the application expires or all comments are cleared and the permit is issued. As an Interested Party, your name and contact information (address and phone number) will appear with this case on the City’s web page. Please let me know if you would like me to add you as an Interested Party.

    I will include a copy of your comments for the case file. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you

    Donna Galati

  31. I would like to be a participant in any way to oppose the building of Randalls in Steiner Ranch. Thank you.

  32. (In an effort to continue to entertain Jennifer)

    I have called Robert Long from Taylor Woodrow Communities and he told me the same thing as Donna Galati but gave me the number of someone else to call. Ok, I’m new to this community advocate thing but I’m starting to think the reason they are telling us there is nothing we can do is because they hope we will shrug our shoulders, say “ah shucks” and get distracted with something else. It will make their jobs easier, the deal with go through and everyone will make their paycheck for the day.

    In the end we may not be able to stop this but our concerns should be heard. If this development, or any other, is going to happen we should at least have a say in how it will be done. It is our lives that are going to be affected after all.

  33. Stop the insanity. This deal is done. Randall’s will build a store which conforms to Travis County requirements for drainage, impervious cover and which meets electrical and plumbing codes, and has safe vehicle access. The city is a non-player; we’re far out of their jurisdiction.

    Further, the project has become part of the Steiner Ranch Commercial Association, SCRA. As such Randall’s will pay Association dues in the future to help build out and maintain our common areas, more than the residential side by a long shot. Thankfully, the SRCA enforces detailed deed restrictions on architecture and appearance (though they don’t really have to). Thus, the exterior appearance will have the same quality as the Longhorn Village, UT Golf Club, the Monterone apartments, the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse and our 2 existing retail sites.

    The best thing for residents to do right now is to get together and talk about the issues which you find important. For example, traffic, lighting, parking, trash, drainage, signage, how many retail pads besides the grocery store, how many stories (1 and 2 right now), would you like office space with that, how about some pedestrian and bike access from the ‘hood, etc and then you get people moving in the direction of making this the best damned shopping area in the state of Texas. Because it is going to be built.

    QPR traffic would be Travis County Commissioners office. 620 traffic would be TxDOT.

    Then take this information to the Safeway developers when they start asking for input which I hope that they will. If they don’t ask for input then invite them to a forum. Respectful dialog works.

    The developer has spoken openly about the grocery store for some time now, most recently at the association annual meetings in April. They made sure to tell us that they were limited by non-disclosure agreements as to how much they could share, but I think they shared most of what any resident would need to know. Be sure to attend your annual meeting or ask someone who attended to tell you what was presented. As a resident, I find out a lot of stuff at those meetings and typically no questions are out of bounds. But with almost 3,000 homes in the SRMA, my meeting was attended by only about 25 people.

    Together we can make this a really good thing for Steiner Ranch. We can make the shopping center to our liking and to our benefit. Is that something you can believe in? But don’t waste time on trying to “stop” it. As they say, that train has left the station.

    — A long-time resident.

  34. Dear long time resident,
    You certainly know a lot about this issue, except one point is that this is NOT a done deal. The land has not been sold to PDC yet. (which is technically Safeway) This was reported on in the Four Points News last week. Teena Massingill is the Manager of Corporate Public Affairs for Randalls, and if you want your voice to be heard, she has a vested interest in keeping their brand untarnished. I would ask her to engage us in respectful dialog as I already have requested. Her email is teena.massingill@safeway.com.
    Once concern I have is that the business owners in Steiner Ranch have been led to believe they can “PURCHASE” their buildings in the new shopping center. I’m trying to confirm this fact and have been unsuccessful. I have several friends who are tired of high rents and management fees and would like to own their own space within Steiner. I’d love to attend the annual association meetings. How do I find out more about that?

  35. This land has been zoned as commercial development for at least the past 10+ years by the developer. And, as was previously mentioned, the topic has been presented at HOA meetings (open to all residents, communicated in the monthly newsletter and signs in the neighborhood).

    If you did not like the idea of commercial development at the front of Steiner, you should have looked elsewhere in your home search, as this has been on the books for a long time. I personally would rather see the land left undeveloped, but I knew the score going in – that tract and several others will eventually be commercialized. It’s not Safeway’s or the developer’s fault that you did not take time (2 mins to stop at the welcome center and get a map that clearly shows where the commercial areas are) to do a little research.

  36. Darlene,
    Thank you for pointing out that error, sorry. The homeowners association meetings are held annually in the spring and are announced a month or two in advance. But you can always call Robert Long at Taylor-Morrison (his phone number is in the Ranch Record every month) and inquire about pretty much anything related to development.
    — A long time resident.

  37. Day Late:

    I think virtually everyone knew the land would be developed, and it’s hard to miss the sign advertising the tract for sale. Instead of being a jerk (and as we all know you are not alone in that designation in Steiner) perhaps you can instead understand the desire to ensure that the development is as less intrusive as possible.

  38. I live in Steiner and do not appreciate the hills being destroyed for another supermarket. Unless it’s something amazing (which it doesn’t sound like it) we won’t be shopping there.

  39. I think it’s much ado about nothing. I hated driving all the way out to 4 points to go to the grocery store. If this Randalls is anything like the one in Lakeway then I say hallelujah.

  40. Before any of us chose to live here, we had the opportunity to view the master plan for Steiner, which shows this, as well as lots more areas, designated to be commercially developed. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, this land was always planned for this type of thing. At least, the developer is being careful to create something that will compliment the existing look and feel. What if we were left with one that didn’t care at all? I say, we voice our “preferences” and be as proactive in making sure this developer is bringing in amenties we want/need–Yoga studio, restaurants, salon, spa, paint shop… The more we help, the more this may actually be something we can enjoy.

  41. I live in Apache Shores and this will place a grocery store a lot closer to me. Someone earlier asked why it can’t be a Whole Foods. That is because Whole Foods is putting a location in the Hill country Galleria Mall in Bee Cave.

  42. So this is where my east austin randall’s stores money is going. Dear God, does no one care about the ability of anyone who lives east of I-35 to shop as they would like. I want my Randall’s back or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

  43. I think this is wonderful and like others, I knew what was going to happen before moving here and it is one of the reasons we came to Steiner.

    We were more distressed by the eye sores on the hill that are still not selling. At least with this development it will be lower, will have a lot of green around it and all those vowing not to shop there, will but instead will call it a ‘swing’ by after dropping their kids off at school or meeting for their Starbucks.

  44. You Steiner people need to get over yourselves. Out of all the premier Austin neighborhoods, you not even in the top 10 for real estate prices and value, hints the reason why your real estate prices are tanking and you have the most foreclosures per capita in the City of Austin (Cedar Park has more but they are not in the City of Austin). You all need everything that can help retain the overall value in that neighborhood, otherwise, it will not sustain. Randalls will put up a nice store and it will not be trashy. Additionally, it will be exclusive to Steiner, so you truly will have less congestion and less wait compared to Four Points H-E-B.

    Good Luck!

  45. First of all.. I thought it was funny someone had my husband’s initals…

    Fall 2011 Development- I completely understand the attention and concern that goes with local areas being changed. How many trees do you think got plowed down to wedge each house in? Or the added school zones, neighborhoods, traffic, and changes do you think have been made in just the past 5 yrs? Even 1 yr…
    I ,myself, miss driving over the cattle gaurds (because this was an actual ranch with cows, and horses and deer….). The big hills across the lake used to have hardly ANY visible houses… now its just little arcs getting bigger and deeper each year. Where my husband saw that pretty bucks yrs ago on the other side of that hill… is now someone’s b-b-q pit and pool…. (by the way he likes the tiki hut).

    My point- things change. Now if he grabbed a couple of buddies and went on an old time shootin adventure…. it would be weird and probably cause quite the disturbance.

    Cute forum. Interesting Information.

  46. Dear Non-Steiner Resident,

    I find it kind of hard to believe that we have, “the most foreclosures per capita in the City of Austin,” considering that we, like Cedar Park, are not even in the City of Austin.

    Additionally, the new Randalls will be on Highway 620. Last I checked, 620 is actually not exclusive to Steiner Ranch. However, you may be able to correct me on that, since you obviously have all of your facts straight.

    For the record, I am not opposed to the new Randalls. I knew well and good (as did all residents) that the area in question has been zoned for such commercial development since Steiner’s inception. Why people are suddenly upset that the community developers are doing exactly what they said they would do is beyond me. With that said, I will probably not shop at Randalls unless they lower their prices and get rid of that blasted card. Until that happens, HEB is still more cost effective and convenient.

    And I second the Chik-fil-A. Trudy’s would be good too.

  47. No Chick-Fil-A…my kids will be screaming for it every time we come home. At least now I can say, “It’s so far away!” 🙂

  48. MM57553,

    Foreclosures can be measured in the overall Metropolitan Area based on neighborhoods and MLS zones. You may not pay taxes to the city of Austin, but for indicator purposes, Steiner is in the “Austin Metropolitan Area.” Hence, one reason why you still have an Austin address.

    Additionally, exclusivity is not based on access, otherwise in order to be exclusive, it would have to be gated and closed off to the general public. When I say exclusive to Steiner, I mean that the primary purpose would be to serve those residents and the surrounding Lake Travis/Austin residents. If Steiner was not there, they would not be proposing a location there.

    I was not trying to be a “know it all,” I was just saying that as a person who invests in real estate, growth is good. If growth is suppressed, thats when it gets worse. For example, one reason you may have moved to Steiner was to avoid Austin traffic (even though 620 and 2222 are now more congested), but did you know that the City of Austin in the mid-1980’s declined federal highway funding in hopes of keeping Austin a smaller city. We see where that has now taken us.

    Steiner could end up the same. More homes are being built there and if new development’s like Randall’s don’t move-in, traffic will get ten times worse in that area.

    Me personally, I love the lake area, but one of the reasons I don’t live out there now is due to a lack of accessability. However, if more attractions move out that way (ie mixed use commercial), it would make it more attractive and in turn would increase property values.

    Whether or not Steiner residents shop there is not important, as long as the store gets built, because down the road HEB may take it over. I’ve seen them have two stores within 2-3 miles of each other (Lakecreek Pkwy and 620/Anderson Mill; Braker Ln. & Spicewood Springs).

  49. Non-Steiner Resident – you act as though we all have our heads up our rear ends. Do you think we all moved into some rural pasture? This is one of the fastest growing parts of Texas, and I think we were all pretty well aware of that. This “growth” you talk about is not a new phenomenon. Because of that, the proximity to the lake, and the exemplary schools, it’s a pretty safe bet that home values will hold their own. In fact, my own house is worth a decent amount more than it was when we bought it 6 years ago. Maybe you are the one who should “get over yourself.”

  50. That’s the problem, you do have your head up your rear. I’m sure your basing your property value on the Travis County Tax Appraisal. The tax appraisal is not an accurate assessment of real estate, it is an indicator. However there are many other indicators, like comps, economic data, inflation, bank interest rates. The only comps I see in that area selling for more than the values in 2004 are homes that have had significant remodels which are not apples to apples comparison. Most of these remodels cost home owners multiple thousands of dollars, therefore driving up the bottom line cost.

    All I can say to you MM57553 is put your house on the market and the buyers will determine your value.

    Also, I’m not trying to get a rise out of anyone, and like I said, Steiner is a nice area of town to live in. I, as well as many others are tired of seeing homeowners or government band together to try and prevent growth. Next thing you know, the HOA is going to restrict what window treatments you have, trust me, I’ve seen it happen.

    All I ask is for people to be reasonable and rational when making decisions. I guarantee you if they were going to build a Nordstroms on that street corner, all the women in that neighborhood would be salivating.

    Maybe I’ll see you at the foreclosure sale tomorrow!

  51. Sorry, head’s right where it should be. I’m well aware of the factors that determine value. I’m also well aware that TCAD couldn’t appraise a penny accurately. Psst – your not the only one who has real estate and real estate investing experience.

    My house is worth more than it was when we bought it. Some of the people who bought new construction at the same time may have seen a slight decline, but it’s still not what you are making it out to be. You are also lumping ALL price ranges in Steiner into the same decline, when in fact it is only the properties on the very high end of Steiner values that have taken a hit, but the average home here has done OK.

    I don’t disagree with you on the development; I said that in an earlier post. But to come on here and assume you know more than everyone else or that we are all just ignorant homeowners who need to “get over ourselves” is a little presumptuous.

  52. Once again mm57553, you have proven me wrong with your illogical and ridiculous posts.
    I love how you make the standard assumption that “my house is worth more.”

    Just an FYI, in the 78732 zip in Steiner, there are 24 houses currently on the market with an asking price of 150 on average with a few properties being on the market over a year.

    Interestingly enough, there are 7 homes >$700,000 listed, not on Lake Austin. Out of these 7, 2 are pending.

    If you are going to make the argument that the only homes losing value, are the high end homes, the numbers don’t tend to show that way. Also, I would argue that new construction buyers are in a better position because the market has adjusted to the economy and demand, and some builders, depending on the neighborhood are selling homes cheaper than they were in the 3-5 years ago.

    Additionally, I didn’t say that the TCAD didn’t know what they were doing, I said that it was an indicator, not an actual value. If you were to tell me that from 2004-Current, your value with the TCAD has increased, you’d be lying. Also, you may not be surprised that the value will further decline this year. As a taxpayer, that is good for you, but as for as value, it is not.

  53. First of all, there are NO homes in Steiner listed for 150K, so I don’t know where you got that from. Additionally, there are some homes listed for 250K or less, but it’s still not 14. Again, don’t know where you got your number.

    And no kidding there aren’t many homes listed at more than 700K – because as I pointed out earlier, those homes are the ones that are worth less now. So if it was worth 700K 6 years ago, it’s not now. You are merely proving my point.

    And I was talking about people who bought new construction 6 years ago – not now. Those who bought new construction 6 years ago have seen a bigger hit in home value that those who, like me, bought resale 6 years ago.

    And I still don’t have much faith in TCAD, however if you look up values for some of the sections that offered mid-range value resale homes for sale 6 years ago, and look at the value now (Majestic Oaks, Headlands, Rocky Ridge, Hancock Hill, etc.) you will see that yes, indeed, TCAD values are higher than they were in 2004 -and that includes my address; and that’s after I protested the 2009 value and got them to lower the value by $24,000 .

    I’m not posting my address on a public board, but just pick some homes on those streets and look it up. Mine was valued (by TCAD) in 2004 at $273K. 2010 value is $301K. We’ve made no significant improvements. No, I’m really not lying.

  54. BTW, Non-resident. EVERY house I spot-checked in those areas I mentioned are valued higher by TCAD now than they were in 2004. Just do a property search by street and start picking addresses to view. If you’re as familiar with Steiner as you say, you know what streets are in those areas.

  55. I like Randall’s coming in… We do most of our shopping in Randall’s or Wal-Mart. We tried HEB, but the place just looked too dirty.

    Yea, the Market probably won’t survive, but that is the way of things… Randall’s has a great deli, with excellent sandwich shop, and they’ll probably have a Starbucks in there, so that will be nice…

    Now, if we just had a bridge at the back of Steiner that would connect to the 2244, I wouldn’t have to spend 20 extra minutes driving the 620 just to get to the 71 in the morning… that’s the only real problem I have with Steiner is the entrance/exit…

  56. Bridge to BC / 71 … absolutely. I can’t believe that the authorities allow such an obvious major wildfire hazard for anyone living south of Steiner Ranch Elementary. No way out and only the one fire station.

    Can we still get a Federal grant ?

  57. Bridges and access to other roads would be great! There was a rumor that the area on the other side of the lake is suppose to be preserved- However, the past 10 yrs I have seen those houses just creep more and more into that “preserved” area.
    Fire issue- you have NO idea… there have been three houses in the past 4 yrs that have burnt down locally. The time it took for firemen to even start spraying water is appauling… Manchaca, yes Manchaca, fire trucks were here before the multiple local fire trucks could figure out what to do. Not trying to insult anyone- just retelling my personal witness account.

    Reminder- this was exaclt a “rural pasture.” 🙂 Hence barns and horses still here 🙂

    As far as value of the homes, if I dare to even touch this one…. yeah I guess I’ll go there… My personal opinion is that there are so many variables to it to put any type of stereotype on even a block of houses. Each case/house has its own situation and factors that delegate the offers and closings and bids and values and… and… and… If you are including the barns/houses for sale as part of your “Steiner” assessments.. then yes- some are probably lower than the average Steiner market… but comparably to 6 yrs, or 10 yrs ago- they have increased generously.
    I do have to say though… its interesing to see the McMansions next to the trailers…

  58. There was talk of a road connecting River Place and Steiner at one point, but that was shot down by residents of both communities. There was too much concern that people would cut through the neighborhoods to get to 2222 (which they would). If they ever did construct another outlet, we would be inundated with traffic from non-residents.

  59. If they are going to develop all this beautiful land in Steiner Ranch, which saddens me, well then we might as well have a grocery store. I needed something the other day during the evening rush hour that, unfortunately, the Market did not carry. It will sure beat sitting at the four points light to get to HEB during the busy times of day!

  60. This is so sad to see. More lights to drown out the night sky. another traffic light 50 ft from the existing one. The Lakeway Randalls is 7 miles away. HEB is 2 miles away. Why is this even being built?

  61. Im excited that they are developing the area. They will be putting in dedicated turn lanes which will help to reduce the time you have to wait at the light. I think it will be a good spot for local business to have great visibility and be very convenient for the rest of us!

  62. you guys are just worried about traffic, well grow up because this will be a great opportunity for me , a high school student who want some money in his pockets for the college tuition that his parents can’t afford. so deal with it.

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