Pak-Mail is open

I saw that the Pak Mail in Steiner Ranch opened. I think the Grand Opening was today. It is nice to have a place to send a package real quick instead of driving all the way to the Lakeway Post Office. Visit it and support this new Steiner business.

Steiner Ranch Pak Mail Hours: Monday-Friday: 9am – 6:30pm, Saturday: 10am – 3pm, Sunday: closed
Steiner Ranch Pak Mail Phone Number: 512-266-6262
Steiner Ranch Pak Mail Directions: Google Maps

6 responses to “Pak-Mail is open”

  1. Do people really pay their prices for the convenience? I usually use USPS Click N Ship to mail a package, but today I was in a hurry. I was mailing a gift (a baby outfit – didn’t weigh much!) in a Flat Rate Priority envelope – usually $4.85. I thought – how much more could it be…a buck or two? They wanted $13.00! I’m wondering if people really know how much more they’re paying for the convenience.

  2. It is crazy, I agree! I have been in there twice both times I have seen people turn away and drive out. I also thought they were a little rude but that is just me. I really like places like cups and cones, fions and even the dry cleaners that go out of their way to greet you and make you feel welcome.

  3. I priced something at and it was about $40. Then I called Pakmail and it was almost double which is not worth the convenience.

  4. Pak Mail sucks. I knew it was a little pricey, but that’s an understatement to say the least. I went to have a package shipped there Priority Mail. They told me it would be $20.38 and would not get there by Christmas. I knew they were full of it and braved the Post Office instead. It was $10.07 and they said it would get there on the 23rd.

    They are robbing people blind. They’re the only place in Steiner that I hope goes out of business.

  5. Interesting article; thanks for posting. You know, I have absolutely no problem paying a little more for the convenience, but 100% mark-up is just obscene. They mark up UPS and FedEx prices as well, so it’s not just USPS packages.

    And I have a feeling that they told me it “probably” wouldn’t get there before Christmas to try to get me to buy a more expensive, 2-day service.

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