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Got this email from Maria a Steiner Resident.

I am a Steiner resident, and my 4-year old daughter recently started attending a tumble/gymnastics class at My Time Kids on 620 out towards Lakeway. They have classes for babies through age 5, walk-in Open Gym several mornings a week, and they also have Parents Night Out and similar activities up to age 10.

The owner is also the lead class instructor. She does a great job making a fun environment for the kids and changing up the theme every week so that the kids look forward to going. They will also hold camps throughout the summer. Information is on the website, and I would highly recommend parents to check it out!
phone: (512) 925-5915

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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions about the JW Tumbles (I think that’s the name) in the Riverplace shopping center – I just noticed it the other day.

  2. I have attended both My Time and JW Tumbles with my play group and the teacher, Miss Lorie, is very sweet. She must be doing something right because they are growing like crazy. The kids love it! My Time was far less expensive than than JW Tumbles and they offer cheer, kids camps, and parents night out which has been a blessing! My son, Greyson, loves the jump houses. She will let you have a free week to try it if you call her and they are next to China Pacific restaurant in Lakeway.

  3. Attend JW Tumbles with my 2 1/2 year old, and we love it!! A lot less expensive than Little Gym classes I used to take with my son….very age appropriate, nice size classes….bubbly, cheerful teachers! Absolutely recommend it…

  4. We have been going to My Time for a couple of months now. We used to go to Gymboree, but I love My Time because I can drop off my daughter for her class and run a quick errand, then come back to join her for open gym with my younger daughter. My older daughter is loving the class and actually learning a lot of gymastics, and also loves the bounce house and playing with the different stations that they set up for open gym. You can try a week for free and try different classes to see which one your child likes the best. Plus you can pay for the month and attend as many classes as you want, and even take advantage of their parents night out. They are going to have summer camps throughout the summer on various weeks.

  5. I signed up at JW Tumbles and it has been so well worth the money. For $72 a month you can attend as many classes as you would like every week. Since the weather has been so crummy lately, we’ve been attending several classes each week. Plus it’s a great fall back plan when the kids get bored. I’m really glad we signed up !

  6. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE. First of all its so CLEAN…the classes are great, they offer so many free times to play, the staff is great and their BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE THE BEST I HAVE SEEN. I have been to so many places for kids and this is the BEST ONE BY FAR…..

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