Kawa Sushi and La Fuentes – New Steiner Restaurants

My plan was to review both restaurants for you, but I couldn’t get in to La Fuentes last Friday night.  I was surprised to see the parking lot completely full at 5:20 p.m.  We walked in and were ignored by all 3 hostesses.  When we finally approached them, they said it was going to be over an hour wait so we left and went to Kawa.  I spent years in the restaurant business – even opening a few so I’ll cut them some slack and just try again in a few weeks when I’m sure they’ll have the kinks worked out with their staff.  I’ve heard the food at their South location is great.

Friday night was actually my second visit to Kawa – first time for dinner.  They have quite an extensive menu.  Think Chinese restaurant + Sushi.  I’m a huge fan of Cho, but I think Kawa has a more “unique” selection of rolls with more inventive combinations.  My first visit, we ordered the BFG roll, Lion King, and Girls on Film.  Girls on Film had jalapeno in it and was awesome!  I enjoyed the other two as well and the three rolls were more than plenty for the 2 of us.  Their food is all made to order, which is great because I’m gluten free – almost everything could be made gluten free.  For dinner, we ordered and a Kate Moss roll (delicious!) and  Chicken with Black Bean Sauce – usually one of my favorites, but not so much here – a lot more mushrooms than chicken and barely any sauce.  They don’t have a license for alcohol yet, but gave me a complimentary glass of Cabernet.

All in all, the service was great, food fresh, and they deliver.  I think they’ll do great here in Steiner!

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  1. La Fuentes food was GREAT. We sat at the bar and the service was great. We went at prime time on a Sat night. They are going to do well here as soon as they get the kinks worked out. Stay away during peak times for now. Their food is better than anything that’s been in that building. I’m excited they are here.

  2. I can only imagine that some restaurant
    owners see Steiner Ranch as an easy opportunity because of the
    seemingly captive audience and the income brackets of many of
    the occupants. La Fuentes is following in the track of every other
    restaurant that’s occupied that location. Poor service, bad marg,
    worse food.

    These business owners need to
    understand that just because we don’t have a lot of options close to
    the neighborhood, doesn’t mean we’ll put up with their poor

    Done with La Fuentes!

  3. I am sitting in las Fuentes as I type this. Waited 10 min to get my drink order, and at that time we orded the entire meal. The busboy brought us our food and the only time I saw the waiter after that, he asked if I wanted another margarita. I told him it wasn’t very good and to grab me a beer instead. Now 20 min later he just dropped the bill on the table. No asking how everything, was, if we wanted dessert, just the bill on the table. If you’re wondering why you got a $2 tip, it’s you, not me.

  4. Tried Las Fuentes last night. They brought complementary queso at the beginning to apologize in advance for any service issues since they are “still working out the kinks”. Good start.
    Service was spotty thoughout, but they brought us queso…
    All three of our meals were the absolute worse mexican food any of us had ever had. 
    Won’t be back.

    This in contrast to we tried Salsas Restaurant in Riverplace last weekend. Also going through a soft opening. Great atmosphere. Food was pretty good, all 3 of us enjoyed everything we had. Definitely will be back to Salsas.

    Have tried Kawa twice now for chinese. Really wanted to like it because it’s close to the house. Very disappointed. Riverplace Hunan is much, much better.

    At least for me, unfortunately will be driving past these two Steiner restaurants headed to Riverplace for mexican and chinese.

  5. La Fuentes….great salsa but that’s the only thing that’s great or hell – even edible. BAD food. Tastes like they use the cheapest, lowest quality ingredients they can find. I’ve tried it twice – hoping the first time was just an off day. I was soooo looking forward to this restaurant opening! We desperately need a cute, family type restaurant in Steiner that serves decent food at reasonable prices. Right off the bat as soon as I walked in I saw wall to wall TV’s. Honestly – I go to a restaurant to get AWAY from TV’s and all that! That, for starters, is one of my pet peeves. The salsa was great and I had high hopes for the meal only to be very disappointed. I won’t be back. Clearly this is just yet another BAD restaurant in a location where places seem to come and go and they just can’t get it right….*sigh*…..

  6. Tried La Fuentes, on a wednesday night(2 hours) and I my self am very patient when it comes to the restaurant business since I have worked in many differnt roles and in new to established places.  We waited as the only ones inthe waiting area for about 35 minutes while watching at least 3-4 open tables that we could see, but waited.  Hostess was very friendly.  Did not have time to cook and thought this would be the quicker alternative, we were wrong.  We were greeted ina  very short period of time once we were seated, and ordered our drinks….the kids drinks were delivered and we watched as our drinks sat at the bar for a good 5+ minutes (my husband asked for a Shiner and was not offered draft or bottle just brought a bottle) Now a good bit of time had past frotm he time that our drink ordered was taken.  A different waiter took our food order as he noticed we still had our menu’s and since it was not busy I think they new we were there for a while, manager seemed very nice and concerned we had not ordered.  We spent about 45 minutes waiting for food, people apologized, we did not see our initial waitress much and once our food came out it was wrong.  The kids food came out first and it definitely had sat in the window for a while, we were missing one entree and a side of beans and rice and the other entree came out wrong (I can’t inagine they would serve one entree on 3 plates? 2 enchiladas and a tace all three were on seprate plates and both enchiladas had rice and beans ont he plate?)  The food was not great, it was ok.  The salsa was good.  All in all the experince for us was bad enough that we would not go back.  I will say there were a select few team members that kept us calm during our stay and were very polite and customer service oriented.  I am bummed since we do live hear and would have loved a place to come that would be quick and good for our family.  I do hope they can get the staff and the rest of the team moving for the future because they were not even busy tonight and just couldn’t get it together 🙁

  7. La Fuentes is one of best kept secerts in Austin my family loves to eat there.  The food is topself as are the drinks.  The management and staff are great we feel like part of their family evertime we go.
    Steve Duncan

  8. We tried Kawa for the first time just after the New Year and we enjoyed their friendly and fast service, extensive (and very delicious) menu, and the atmosphere.  I was a little surprised that they aren’t busier than I’ve seen.  So far we have eaten in twice and ordered delivery once (very fast!) in just a couple of weeks.  

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