It’s really happening..

If you’ve driven into the neighborhood from Lakeway in the past few days you’ve no doubt seen them clearing the space for the new Randalls development project.  Personally, now that I can SEE what is being cleared, I feel better about it.  If the boundaries they currently have in place are truly where it ends, it’s smaller than I pictured in my head.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Based on this YouTube video overview the only issue I have with it is that on the shopping center access point from Quinlan Dr. they will allow left turns from the shopping center heading north on Quinlan Dr. (see video at 3:52).

    I think it’s a huge mistake and will lead to another traffic light being added to Steiner causing further delays to leave the neighborhood.

  2. I agree the market is expensive, but I’m also all for small businesses…and keeping Steiner the nature preserve it was intended to be…i’m torn

  3. Yes, the exit onto Quinlan should be right turn only.
    There is going to be an entrance/exit onto 620, right – people needing to go out to 620 can use that one.

    Other tenants – based on what I read in the Hill Country News… supposedly a Starbucks with a drive-through, 2 full service restaurants TBD (1 with a drive through), a bank branch…

  4. The footprint doesn’t seem too bad. Compared to the HEB, Wal Mart and Home Depot sites they didn’t seem to leave as dense of a tree buffer, though.

  5. I’d love to see an Austin Telco or another credit union there. Their rates are always better because they exist for their customers, not their bottom line.

  6. We love United Heritage Credit Union and I hear they are planning to open one at 4 Points soon – I think behind Walgreens / Wells Fargo

  7. Maybe they’ll take over the Wells Fargo location. Wells Fargo’s takeover of Wachovia left us with two Wells Fargo banks practically across the street from each other. I’m surprised both locations are still open.

  8. I would love a Gold’s Gym! I currently drive to the Gold’s in Bee Caves because it it the closest one that offers child care. And Wild Basin, aside from not having child care, is crazy expensive. And please, please, please let the restaurant with a drive-thru be Chick-fil-A.

    I have heard that the library isn’t going to happen; I heard that it basically required the developer to donate the space, which they didn’t want to do. I have also heard rumors that Chuy’s was looking at a location there.

  9. Yes, it is smaller than what I imagined. I have always wondered when it would be developed since it was marked as mixed use on the map we were given when we built our home in Steiner (as is the other side of Quinlan and 620). So, yes, happy to see plenty of green still standing.

  10. I hate that they are putting this here. Hate it.

    That said, if Chuy’s moves in, I could be quickly converted to a proponent.

  11. Is there a web site, company/developer, community org(HOA) that will have access to the who, what, when’s of this project? We all want to know if we’re getting a fitness place, decent restaurant(s), etc… who SHOULD know all of this stuff? and how do we find them?

  12. They probably don’t know yet, and won’t release any “official” details until everyone has signed on the dotted line.

  13. Please PLEASE let them put in a movie theatre, that is the single biggest thing I wish steiner had closer, and itd be a great spot for one

  14. If you look at what they’ve cleared, and ad in the space and parking spaces needed for the Randall’s, there’s no way there is enough space for a movie theater

  15. I heard that there was already a movie thater committed to the development outside if Grandview Hills (across from Wal-Mart). I also hear there is a Central Market going in that development as well.

  16. The development across from Wal-Mart is going to have a theater. They have signed the Galaxy Theaters chain. There will also be a Whataburger going in as well. They have not signed any grocery store chain. Unfortunately, neither a Central Market nor Whole foods have even hinted at going in there. There is also a donut shop and a dentist going in as well.

    In the Quinlan Crossing (Randall’s) shopping center they have a nail salon going in. There was also some talk of some off-name bank going in. I can’t remember who it was going to be. There is a restaurant going in that is going to be “fun and family oriented”. This restaurant is being built by the guy who started the Games2U business which should be really interesting to see what they have planned.

    Quinlain Crossing is being built-out by the Whitfield Company. You can look at their website and see the renderings of all the buildings. The main problem with this development is that they are asking outrageous rental rates for the area. They are quoting $34 ps/yr. You could go downtown on 6th street for about that price. That being said, it may or may might be a while before it fills up.

  17. Ron – 4 Points News reported last year that Central Market was going in at the Grandview Hills development. Were they incorrect?

    BTW, there is a Whole Foods going in at the Hill Country Galleria

  18. I just spoke with the developer for the Trails @620 (the development across from Walmart) a few weeks ago and they said that no grocery store was going in. Her exact words were “…we wish (any store was going in)”

    Personally, I think it would be a great idea for a Whole Foods or Central Market to go in. However, there are two HEB’s nearby which does not make business sense to have a Central Market in that close of proximity.

  19. Central Market is a partnership branding of HEB, so I see no reason they would want to compete with their own store so close by.

    This is also why the 2222/620 HEB was refreshed a few years back to add the Central Market feel to several rows.

    More about HEB Central Market –

    Whole foods on the other hand is a competitor.

    Ron and word on the turn lane out of the Randall’s to Quinlan West (my previous post), are they still planning to do this?

  20. I really don’t know about the turning lanes. I would assume that they would do what the video describes. Even though they propose it, it doesn’t mean they will do it. It all comes down the $. I think the road construction ultimately lies with the county vs. the developer. I am not in either of those fields so I really can’t comment.

  21. Giving the left and right turns from inside Steiner Ranch is gonna suck! More weirdos and more accidents, urgh. Steiner Ranch is no longer what we came in for, safe and natural beauty, what a shame.

  22. RioMesa – you realize this development was planned long before you came here, right? It’s not like you didn’t know about it when you bought your house.

  23. Yes, mm, we can all read a map, and at the same time still be disappointed when it actually happens….
    One difference I noted between this development and the one near Grandview Hills — at that development they have left mature oak trees in the interior of the development. Would have liked to have seen that here. Yes, I am sure they wil plant trees, but not the large oak trees.

  24. I hate it. Every day when I drive past it, I am saddened to see so much exposed earth and so few trees. It was such a pretty thing to see every evening driving home. Now it’s just another development, of which there are SO MANY in these parts.

  25. The Gold’s is just a rumor at this point. No gym has actually signed anything. In fact, the only place to actually commit to anything is Randall’s. I have also heard that a gym (Gold’s or 24 Hour Fitness) will be going in at the Trails at 620 (the development being built across from Wal-Mart.

  26. Initial thoughts after visiting the new Randall’s

    1. Very nice buildout.
    2. Had hoped it would be one of their more upscale (Falgship) stores. It’s not.
    3. For the most part, it does not have the selection variety of the Four Points HEB. I did not go down every aisle, but it was very clear from what I did shop for that the choices are more limited for the most part. Bakery and wine/beer selction are pretty comparable to HEB, though.
    4. I will use it, but it will not replace HEB for our primary grocery shopping

    Your thoughts?

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