Holiday Planning Tips and Tricks?

I got a request from a reader about any good people for Christmas Light Decorators besides those signs you see on 620 and 2222. If there are any recommendations for this type of service please post a comment. If there are any other tips or tricks for Thanksgiving/Christmas services in and around Steiner Ranch, please post a comment.

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  1. Call Rick the Christmas Lights guy! We use them every year. We called around and out of everyone his company gave the best overall deal. They have great prices and are very professional. I’d highly recommend them to anyone here in steiner ranch, as it has been a great experience. You can reach them at 785-1212 and his email is

  2. On Saturday, November 22 from 10-2, we will be hosting a huge Open House & Home Decor/Home Staging Inventory sale at 1228 Horseback Hollow in Steiner Ranch. It will be hosted by Metamorphosis for Homes, Lakeway Interior Fabrics, The Home Consignment Center, Elicia Rudberg, Realtor, and several local artists

    There will be furniture, accent pieces, decor items, original artwork, etc… This is a great opportunity to pick up decor for your house (before all of your company gets here!) or holiday gifts.

    For more information, contact Janine with Metamorphosis at

  3. There will be custom drapery and hardware on display, to be sold at wholesale price.

    Other items to be sold: decorative pillows with shells, table runners, and other decorative items only available to interior decorators/designers. Everything will be sold very close to wholesale price!

  4. We will now have furniture from Louis Shanks, Macys, Home Trends, Home Enchanted, Home Consignment Center, 4 Local Artists, etc… All LOW, LOW prices. We’ve added another home to accomodate all of the great pieces. 1228 Horseback Hollow and 12212 Capitol Saddlery. The homes are even for sale!! Come and check it out!

  5. The residential streets just off of Guadalupe north of UT (esp. 37th) are eccentric and fun. Get out and walk, all of the houses make a real thing out of it (including kegs for those of age!).

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