Delicato Creamery

This upscale bakery also serves as a coffeehouse and sandwich place in Steiner Ranch. I or my wife particularly did not enjoy the coffee but to each his/her own. They also had standard baked goods like pound cake and also have all kinds of flavors of gelato. One of our friends ordered a huge cake for their daughter’s first birthday and it tasted very rich.

Here is a link to their website which includes a menu and a gelato flavor listing.

Here is a review from

Delicato Creamery Hours: Monday to Friday: 6:30 am to 8:30 pm (Fridays until 9:00 pm)
Saturday: 8:00 am to 9 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Delicato Creamery Phone Number: 512-266-2590
Delicato Creamery Directions: Google Maps

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  1. We moved from Seattle in January of this year, so trust – we know coffee. Delicato has got to be the most expensive coffee I have ever seen in a cafe – not to mention the coffee they use is SO strong, it gives me a headache.
    I was desperate and went in today for a short pumpkin-spice latte, and the total was $3.27! Even my friend visiting from L.A. said coffee was less expensive in Malibu. My husband refuses to get anything there because it’s so grossly overpriced.
    A better coffee alternative is ‘Rise and Shine Bakery’ in the complex next to Riverplace. VERY reasonably priced, smooth coffee and very cute cookies for kids.
    …there’s my .02 😉

  2. Just wanted to post another comment on Delicato, as my husband and I have going regularly for lunch on Saturday, and we love it! I tend to order their turkey/emmanthaler sandwich with caramelized onions added, and it’s a nice-sized sandwich that tastes just wonderful.

    We’ve also gone once on a weekend night, for fondue, and had a great experience. The fondue is very well-priced, you get a lot of it, and I liked it much more than fondue at other Austin locations that I’ve tried.

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker so can’t comment on that, but just wanted to throw a few things out about Delicato that we enjoy very much. Thanks for reading!

  3. their desserts are mediocre at best. Their cheesecake tastes like sour cream. The service isn’t very friendly. It’s almost uncomfortable to be in there for more then a few minutes. It is so well designed and could have so much potential, but as for now, i prefer the sysco desserts from the market next door!

  4. My first visit was similar to the many comments already blogged here.. and I had written them off.

    However, after a desperate need for some caffeine I decided to revisit.

    This time I opened up to Fil (one of the owners) and he was quite nice and helpful. His first attempt at making my espresso was not to my liking so I asked him to do it again with my recommendation… He did, gladly, and now its my favorite drink in the austin wide area (ok Mozarts is still tops)..

    The point is, give them a chance.. talk about what you want and they are typically more than willing to get you what you need..

    The Tres Leche is great, so are the Cuban and Spaniard sandwiches.. Gelato is grand as well.. (They will even make a kiddie shake for you from the gelato..)

    Fil and his wife are real nice folks and quite accomodating.. as far as the prices, they are a bit high.. but reasonable for an independent business in this area.. keep that in mind..

    Also , last time I checked Seattle gave us Starbucks… sooo… not sure where you are from qualifies you anymore than anyone else on here.. ;> strength in coffee is determined by bean, filtration and volume (shots). delicato gives you (2).. next time if its too strong try working with them before making a broad assumption..

  5. JavaGuy — Perhaps I was a bit harsh earlier. And no, being from Seattle doesn’t make me an expert on coffee (maybe a semi-expert?? I kid, I kid) – something like coffee is so very individual – what I like, may be horrible to someone else, etc, etc. I have actually been going there more, esp. since Fil has been making my coffees and he knows just how I like it — I get a short now so the shot doesn’t give me the coffee headache. I still think it’s way expensive, even for an independant coffee place – but we can agree to disagree there. 😉

  6. So I recently got the rechargeable Delicato Creamery card and just put $50 on it at the start of each month and make it stretch. For some reason it’s less of a sticker shock and if my card runs out before the end of the month I have to just wait.
    I don’t know why that works for me, but it does.
    I really quite enjoy their coffee and meeting friends there to just hang out. I sometimes take my laptop there and hop on their wireless and work there in the mornings. It’s really very pleasant. Fil and his wife are SO nice. 🙂

  7. If you are looking for an alternative to the standard breakfast burrito, try one of Delicato’s Croissant Egg and Bacon sandwiches.. They are buttery goodness… okay not so good health-wise, but you can always walk to Delicato and call it a split… yummy stuff, grilled and buttery..

  8. Never again. I got a panini to go. When I bit into the sandwich it had one thin slice of meet, one slice of cheese and bread – for 6 bucks. Way overpriced for what you get.

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