Suelo Nuevo Closed

It would appear that Suelo Nuevo has shut it doors.  I had been hearing rumors for a while that they were facing a huge Federal tax lien.  I’ve also heard that there’s another Italian restaurant coming.  I always thought Tutto Gusto was the best one, just needing to work on their quality issues.  Why do you think everything there has failed while Cho and Lakeside seem to thrive?

6 responses to “Suelo Nuevo Closed”

  1. Playscapes full of unattended children drive away many parents, I can’t stand parenting stranger’s kids on a playground while their daddy’s off drinking with the bros.

    So many restaurants fail and it seems the economy is often the easy out for the blame. Terrible food and horrendous service will drive a restaurant out of business regardless of the economy. If a decent place opens with quality food, it will last, if its a Roberto’s Taco Shop, it will kill it! 🙂

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