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Lawn, handyman, and maid recommendations

June 27, 2008

Some readers are asking about these services.

I’m looking for somebody that is local that fits ceiling fans. Preferably somebody that is ‘inexpensive’ and somebody that has been used already and that can be recommended. I have two of them to go up.

and also for a maid…

We are very interested in seeing if any of your readers have suggestions for a good, dependable maid service.

and while I am at I might as well throw in an old post about lawn mowing that did not get much response.

Thanks for all the help.

6 responses to “Lawn, handyman, and maid recommendations”

  1. K. Peel says:

    For a handyman and lawn service contact:
    Rick Hinnant at 512-785-1212.

  2. Mom says:

    Yes, Rick Hinnant is great. So is Spencer Laney of Laney Landscaping 263-0141

  3. Les says:

    ABC Services, they do all kind of handyman stuff.

  4. Lindsey says:

    The maid that I use is Teresa Morrow. She is great and very affordable. She is also a resident of Steiner and has many good references. I have found her to be very flexible an trustworthy. Her number is 541-281-1128.

  5. Jackson Smith says:

    I use an independent House Keeper named Catia to clean my house here in Steiner. She is great because I can trust her (she has my house key), she always shows up, brings her own cleaning supplies, and doesn’t give me attitude like a previous maid service that I used. She is looking to add 3 clients in Steiner, so give her a call or email. Her English isn’t the best, but she cleans a mean house! Oh, she is cheaper than my other maids have been.


  6. Melissa Palmer says:

    I 3rd Rick with Four Seasons Landscape and Handyman!! They offer a variety of services from basic lawn care, landscaping, decks/patios. ..they also have a handyman division that can fix everything!! He’s local, professional, responsive and has very reasonable prices! And oh…and they’ll hang your Christmas lights too!!

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