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Lakeside Pizza and Grill

July 15, 2007

Lakeside Pizza and Grill is the name of the new restaurant in Steiner Ranch at the corner of Quinlan Park and Steiner Ranch Blvd in the same complex as the gas station. I heard that it will open in the middle of August and should have a liquor license as well. I think it will be good that there will be some competition to Tutto Gusto and having another option for dining in the neighborhood will be great.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice if they had a website or some sort of advertising. I can’t even find the number or menu anywhere.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We ate there over the weekend. My wife and I were not impressed with our entres and my son said the pizza tated like “camp food” and was worse than the pizza at the school cafeteria. Kids.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Man, if the pizza at lake side is the same quality as school pizza, our kids are in for a treat. I may see if I can join the kids for lunch sometime. Opinions vary, especially when food is involved with kids.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but I have to agree that the food is very mediocre — bland, and what you’d expect from a lower-end chain. Drinks were almost all mixer. We’ll try it again, but the first impression was lousy.

  5. Bill says:

    I have been to the Grill 1 time and the pizza was pretty good. Way better than at Tutto Gusto and the other Pizza places around Steiner. The portions looked big for the prices.

    Only complain was that it is loud in there. Only benefit to that is that with 2 kids it doesn’t matter if they act up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Their food is okay. Pasta portions are a bit small. You almost need some bread on the side to fill you up. It would be nice if they served bread with meals just like they do at Tutto Gusto.

  7. The Goeters Family says:

    I eat there often. Really like the atmosphere, food and layout of the place. The staff is very friendly also.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Went there for dinner Sunday night (4:30). Was trying to avoid the rush. Apparently 4:30 is when the kindergarten set comes in. There were more 2 – 6 year olds in there than adults. I guess going out for an enjoyable dinner no longer exists in todays society. Heven forbid we make our children mind when in public….

  9. Anonymous says:

    the food is good but during the last day of tuto gusto they were talking about the compitition in the area. we went there again after the place was re-opened and the serves sucked. if you want to win compatitions you have to IMPROVE and not ignore any costamer that walks in.

  10. Anonymous says:

    We have ordered pizza to go from Lakeside several times. It has always been good.

  11. anonymous says:

    I have been to Lakeside every week since it has opened. Love the food and the atmosphere. The stromboli is the best I ever had. Much better than the ne Quinlan Park Grill.

  12. Jane says:

    We ordered the spaghetti and meat balls to-go tonight and it was delicious. We are new to the area and have not had a chance to try many things on the menu…will definitely go back very soon!

  13. eddie says:

    The only problem there is that parents do not know how to keep an eye on their children. Once they enter the door their manners are left at the door. The food is awesome and so is the staff. If “mom and dad” would make sure their kids behave it would be nice for everyone. A restaurant is not a day care or playground for children.

  14. Jaime says:

    I have to agree with Eddie. Parents need to control their children at the table. There is nothing more tacky then letting them bring “outside” food to Lakeside. The people who work there are great and fun to be around. Remember they are servers not servants.P.S. Keep the kids away from the bar. We like to drink there without kids taking all the chairs.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the last two posters. When did it become accepted behavior for the little ones to have tantrums and scream and yell and run around in restaurants. Some people really enjoy going out to eat. Maybe these parents who believe it’s okay for their kids to carry on in restaurants should check out McDonalds or Burger King play grounds or try take out until their little ones can grasp what accepted behavior is. Lakeside Grill has good food, the staff is nice and it’s close by. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  16. Melissa says:

    I think their food is really good. And I LOVE that they are delivering now. Calzones and stombolis are great. I will agree with the previous poster, though, that it is really, really, loud. My husband and I had a hard time holding a conversation the last time we were there.

  17. Melissa says:

    Went there for lunch today. Food was good but TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!!!!

    We were the only table there, and we could still barely hear each other.

  18. Laura says:

    We have been there 1 time sorry but we are not impressed.

  19. Pizza Freak says:

    I order their pizzas for delivery all the time and am happy with quality of the pizza and the speed at which it’s delivered. I just wish they offered more specialty combo pizzas (aka meat lovers), because piecing that together adding toppings a la carte can get expensive quickly.

  20. TAM says:

    Ugh oh! We enjoyed this place when it first opened except for the noise factor the atmosphere. BUT = they seem to have raised the price on the pizza and last time there was WAY too much cheese. It made us feel sick. We all love cheese but too much of a good thing is overkill. I could only get one slice down, without being sick, and normally I can down a half a large easily. Please please hire experience pizza chefs who won’t overdo the cheese.

  21. Lakeside says:

    Thank you to all of our regulars and for everyone’s comments. We strive for excellence daily! Our fenced in patio is under construction so that we may offer more seating. This will be especially nice as warm weather approaches and will help to serve as a place to kick back with appetizers and beverages while waiting on busier nights. We will have a liquor license for this outdoor area. We are aware of the noise issue and will be implementing a solution for that once the patio is complete. Thank you for your support and continued business!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I would like to throw out a comment to those that voiced opinions about the kids making too much noise. I am the parent of 2 preschoolers and I cannot go to any restaurants besides places like Lakeside because children will be children and talk loud. My kids stay in their seats and don’t bother anyone at the bar, so I understand your concern about that. But here’s a piece of advice…if you want to go to a quiet restaurant, stay away from ANY place named “pizza and grill”! Head up to Hudson’s on the Bend and leave the family restaurants to the families like us who have behaved but loud kids.

  23. Melissa says:

    I have no problem with kids making noise (I have 2 myself), it’s the loud music and tvs that drive me batty.

  24. Kim says:

    We love Lakeside Grill. The best pizza in town!

  25. anon says:

    Just went the other day for the first time and had to go back the next day. The food was great!

  26. Anon says:

    Here’s a easy solution to the noise: Turn the sound off on T.V.’s and use closed caption. That way you can utilize “all” of the T.V.’s. I think the staff has become immune to the noise. They should take a week off and then come in as a patron around lunch time to understand the comments in this blog. Other than the noise factor, I love the place and the servers are very good. I just decided I can order out from now on.

  27. ARS says:

    Keep in mind, they charge you an extra dollar to order out from them.

  28. anon says:

    I had some clients in town yesterday and I sent them there. They said they loved it but WAY too much cheese on their pizza. I thought that was interesteing because I’ve seen it mentioned it here also.

  29. Steiner Res says:

    I like the pizza at Lakeside, but I just heard that Saccone’s is opening in the shopping center across from the HEB at 620/Anderson Mill. OPening in July — can’t wait!

  30. anon says:

    Ugh! Now that they’ve blocked off the sidewalk, there’s nowhere to push the stroller onto the sidewalk to access any of the other businesses – like Pakmail and Cups and Cones. They need to put in another ramp.

  31. Bill says:

    Saccones is the best pizza in Austin. But I still like Lakeside’s pizza and it is right down the street.

  32. Joanna says:

    We are huge Lakeside fans… love the Margherita pizza, the spinach/artichoke dip, and the seared tuna especially. We particularly like that they are open late for dinners during the week (when I’m not organized enough to cook) and also with the nice outdoor area now there will be a good place to eat outside as well – nice for those of you that don’t like the acoustics inside!

    We also like it a lot during football season, can always get at least one TV tuned into our game. :)

  33. Resident says:

    The bar area is good and a great place to grab a cocktail. The pizza is good but a little pricey, but it is convenient. The other food I have found small portions and overpriced.

    The bar staff is good & friendly, the wait staff is SO-SO. The manager, the schmoozer..non existent and always looks pissed off at the world.

    Tried the new “BRUCH” damn it was a rough start. The manager only checked to see how the owner liked his food and no one else. They took forever to deliver the food and it did not come as ordered. And how do you burn every pancake ordered..they did! and they served them that way..I guess 2 mins to re-cook them correctly was too much to ask..they were not busy by the way.

    If I was the manager I would of walked the floor and asked how it was, taken suggestions etc… all he cared was what the owner thought. And if I was the owner I would of told the manager and staff to see what customers thought.

    Any manager with a little experience or CLASS would of done something. heck give a coupon for a free dine in pizza..what would that cost them, $5..?? You make people feel like you care and then you get the people back in the restaurant ordering more food, beer and booze then you are making money. They knew it was not up to par, charged full price and did not try to make it feel like they cared.

    The manager was too busy worrying about the owner and not the paying customers. I can tell he is a wonderful babysitter too…making sure the owners son had a game set up outside for him to play, but not what was happening on the floor or in the kitchen. If he was he would not of let people wait so long or let the food be served the way it was. FYI you need jelly for your toast.

    I like the place and will continue to go, but this is just a wake up call to the staff and owners. It’s the little things that will make or break a restaurant.

  34. Frank says:

    We went too. i knwo what you mean. The food took forever but the staff sure had plenty of food as they all ate at the bar in front of everyone. We had to interupt their eating to ask for menus and water!

    I dont know who the owner is but from what you are saying it must of been the small table in the middle where everone kept going to talk to the people. I thought they were all just friends….I see now they were sucking up

    The brunch and the staff needs some fine tuning for sure.

  35. Frank says:

    Also I love the gateed area and now if we can just keep the rug rats in a small corner of the patio all would be good in the universe.

    Why do all these Moms feel the need that the only definition of “Family” pertain to those that have small uncontrollable children?

    Remember it is a Restauarant and not day care…Go to Chuck-E-Cheese or Mc Donalds if you cant control your kids

  36. Anon says:

    Don’t go back if you don’t like it. Simple as that. If it doesn’t sound appealing, don’t go there. How many other ways can it be explained. Is there some underlining draw that people go there and then feel a need to complain over and over again.

  37. ARS says:

    I agree with Anon. I am a mom and I am incredible offended by his remarks. Referring to children as rug rats, you were a child too at one time, remember that. Moms have the right to go out in public and most of the time with their kids becuase there aren’t any other options. If you don’t want to be around a lot of children don’t go to a neighborhood restaurant. As a mom and an adult I don’t want to go to Chuck E Cheese or McDonalds. I have always taken my food “to go” from Lakeside, but I am tired of the comments regarding out of control children.

  38. Frank says:

    I never said I don’t like it, I do. The first person making a comment “resident” made valid and informative suggestions. I do like the place, I am just saying some parents check their manners at the door and forget that other people are their to enjoy food, drink and conversation.

    Rug Rats is an endearing term, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I guess you never seen the cartoon RUG RATS? Get over your self, I did not call them spoiled, little uncontrollable brats. Some things are said in exaggeration to make a point.

    Just think about this one and final thought.. I AM SERIOUS NOW. (I do love kids and just trying to make a point.)

    Here is the question. …..What are the parents that let the kids run wild teaching them about manners and respect? Back in the day would your Mom and Dad let you act like that at a restaurant..honestly??? Probably not, would you let your kids act like that at your parents home, grandparents home, probably not. So why is OK at an adult restaurant with a bar? Again Chuck-E Cheese is fine. I really believe if you think about what I am saying and don’t get defensive you would have to agree. If you don’t, you have 18 years of kids being a handful.

    Save this Blog and read it again after your kids become teenagers and trashed your house or a friends house after a wild party, read these words and think back to how at 5 years old there were sign on disrespect and if you would of just dealt with the issues back then there would be no problem. We all have been a restaurant where teens were acting up and disrespectful I bet you have an opinion then. Deal with it now is all I am saying.

  39. Mom of 2 says:

    I totally agree with Frank. I am also a mother of 2 (a 12 year old and a 9 year old) I teach my kids manners in public. I would never let my children run around and scream in a restaurant. I taught them that at an early stage so that now they know how to act in a restaurant, airplane or at a department store. I understand there will be times when you have to tell your children to talk more softly but if you are constantly telling your child to sit down and stop yelling, that is a problem for others trying to enjoy a night out as well. I think parents are WAY to lenient on their kids these days. They try and be their friend instead of the parent.

  40. ABCD says:

    Let’s try something else here. What food is good and what would you recommend to eat here? Nobody cares about what everyone doesn’t like. What do they have that you consider good? Remember everybody’s tastes are different as are tastes in cars and paint colors. So, what is it that you like to eat here?

  41. Frank says:

    I agree!

    The PIZZA is GREAT!!!!! The bartenders mix some really good drinks and I love the lcoation, close to home convinent and you always run into friends and easy to meet new people.

    They make a pretty good burger too!!!!!!!

  42. Me says:

    We love the chicken marsala and chicken picata – good potatos and salads, too! We have not ever eaten at the restaurant, but the food is fantastic “to go” – which does not always seem to work for other restaurants. The portions are very generous – we always have left-overs of the chicken dishes! YUM!

  43. Jennifer says:

    We went this week and had the spinach artichoke dip and it was great. Loved the bread it came with. We didn’t care for our pizza, too much cheese! The flavor was good, minus all the cheese. The calzones are huge and the burgers are good, too.

    our waitress was super-attentive and did a great job.

  44. Jason says:

    We ordered a pizza and asked for less cheese. It was excellent.

  45. Lakeside Homeboy says:

    Lakeside, just like any other restaurant, isn’t going to be able to make everyone happy. I wish the kids weren’t loud,and I don’t understand the parents who allow their kids to sit at the bar. However, if I wanted to live in an adults-only community I certainly wouldn’t have chosen Steiner. The real problem is simple logistics: In a perfect Lakeside, the bar would have been built upstairs along with whatever tables they could fit in to make for an adult-friendly atmosphere. The downstairs would be all tables filled with happy families free to make noise and fight to contain their children according to their own belief system. The patio is a waste, and will only be used a few days out of the year unless you enjoy sweat with your pizza. I have complained to the manager about his lack of attention to his regulars and ever since he greets me with a smile and a handshake. Pizza should be cheesy. If you don’t like cheese on your pizza quit complaining and ask for less cheese for Pete’s sake. Joe is one of the best bartenders I have ever come across. If you haven’t sat down and had a conversation with Joe you are missing out. The blackened tilapia is the best item on the menu…get it with the old sauce and not that healthy mango junk. You’ll be in heaven. The brunch thing will get worked out…take it easy and let them get the kinks out. If you wanted free food for your bad experience you should have asked. If you feel bad about asking for free food, then the experience wasn’t bad enough to warrant it. If you have complained on here and haven’t spoken to the management or owner about your issue, you need to find more positive things to do with your time.

  46. Anonymous says:

    ARS here is the link its not easy to get to page 1.


  47. worker says:

    I work at Lakeside. Yes brunch is new to us and we are trying our best to make it the best. All of our chefs rock. This whole thing about kids is really not a problem. It is the parents fault. The parents do not care what their children do. It is hard to get to tables when children are running and screaming. The TV’s are turned down only if there is sporting event we turn on the surround sound. Our place is not that big and it would be great if you left the strollers at home or outside. Yes Joe the bartender is awesome leave the kids at home and have a drink with him. The person that said the manager was pissed off at the world he was probably pissed off at the parents that let children run around. It is a business not a playground. You want a playground go to Quilan Park. We have a bar where we only want ADULTS to sit. We try to make everyone happy but what I found from the people who live in Steiner they still find things to bitch about. If you have a problem bring to our attention while you are there not days later on a blog.

  48. anon says:

    Worker, it’s nice to know how the employees at Lakeside Pizza feel about their guests. You’re right – it is a business. A HOSPITALITY business. And, while you’re right – parents shouls not let their kids run around, it’s obvious that you have a very negative attitude about guests with families. I certainly won’t be back knowing this is how you feel. You’re probably spitting in my kids’ food.

  49. Steiner Res says:


    We have kids, though all are at least 9 now. I agree with you that parents need to control their children in a restaurant, and we have always tried to do so. Frankly, I get irritated when parents don’t control their kids (walking around is OK — running through a restaurant or screaming is not).
    That said, you are just plain rude. If your attitude is indicative of other workers at Lakeside, good luck keeping the place in business.
    And by the way — no, kids shouldn’t sit at bars, but who was the rocket scientist who designed the restaurant putting an open bar area with not even a wall blocking it off from general access? That, frankly, is the owner’s fault.

  50. more kids says:

    It’s pretty apparent that the folks at Lakeside have started getting an attitude about families with kids. We went there the other day to order take out, and our kids were with us. The hostess told us to go to the bar to order. We walked up to the bar, and before we even said anything the bartender rudely said “your kids can’t sit here”. My kids weren’t yelling or screaming or running. I would never allow that. We were just ordering take out…We left.

  51. B says:

    Saccones is opening up off 620 pretty soon. They have great pizza. Best in Austin.

  52. Wife says:

    My husbnd and I have eaten here twice. Both times he ordered a burger. Both times the burger was undercooked. Both times he got food poisoning. We will never go there again. Why can’t they have good food around here?

  53. anon says:

    Wife – so it was undercooked and he ate it anyways? That sounds like it was his fault. And, he did it twice? I think the saying is “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, sham on me.” He should have sent it back for a re-cook.

  54. d says:

    To get food poisoning it takes at least 24 hours to set in. Anon, I agree he should have sent it back. The food is good there. Try the pizza.

  55. Anonymous says:

    With a location so convenient to this community I guess they feel they can serve whatever crap they feel like. Touche, I’m still eating there tonight.

  56. golden gate resident says:

    you guys are nuts. the fod is fresh, yummy and I have always had great service. The pizza is superior to many other places I have been, the veal saltimboco is delicious, and the sides generous. Not to mention the fries are double battered and the beer cold. People need to relax and enjoy that we actaually have restuarnts close to us.

  57. Mimi says:

    You want some screwed up cooking, go to Quinlan Park Grill. I do not see how this place stays in business!

    Lakeside’s pizza is good.

  58. Anonymous says:

    I agree, Mimi. The quality of food at QPG is really bad. I have never had bad food at Lakeside.

  59. mreddy says:

    I deleted the last three comments. Let’t not resort to name calling or pointing out specific people at the restaurant.

  60. Mike says:

    Does everyone know that Lakeside is serving brunch now? I eat there almost every weekend and have been very happy with the dishes I have tried. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

  61. Golden Gate Resident says:

    I wanted to give some feedback to the owners/mangement of Lakeside. First let me start by saying you have someof the best pancakes I have ever had. Actually all your food is delicious. We have no complaints, except maybe the raspberry pankcakes were less soggy when you added the raspberries to the batter.

    A couple things to improve your service because I want you to succeed and stay in business. The below do not describe 1 visit, but almost every visit. If we didn’t like the convienence and the food so much we would never go back.

    1. service is atrocious. I am sorry, but you MUST fix this. There is no one in there and still a 30 – 45 minute wait for food, not to mention how slow they are to bring what you request.
    2. bring CREAM and Sugar with coffee – EVERYTIME.
    3. have fresh OJ. not the bar mix that does not need to be refrigerated, so you add ice cubes
    4. offer coffee drinks, lattes, mochas…
    5. bring SOFT butter for frenchtoast, waffles, and pancakes. I have no clue why resaurants give you cold butter to “spread” on food. It doesnt work. and its really simple to have butter patties out to get soft so it melts fast
    6. basically bring condiments that compliment without having to be asked – tabasco and ketchup for eggs and potatoes, syrup for waffles, frenchtoast, etc…little things that go a long way
    7. refill coffee without having to be told, same for water
    ok thats enough for now, I just enjoy going somewhere close and the good thing is the food is delicious. as I mentioned earlier, we would not be back if the food was bad. Maybe work on some of those things and you will see some pick up in guests and business.

    Good Luck!

  62. Laura says:

    My family and I went to Lakeside over the weekend, and we had a great dinner and service was great. We will be back!

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