Going out This Weekend?

I just heard about this service and think it sounds awesome!  It’s expensive to get a cab from downtown and always such a hassle to get your car the next day…not to mention it’s always a little worrisome leaving it there.  Several people have recommended Jeannette on the forums, but I thought it was worth mentioning on the main page. 

Jennette Everett (www.AustinPersonalDriver.com) offers her services as a designated driver. She drives to your home and then drive you in your car wherever you and your friends want to go for the evening.  
Her driving costs are very reasonable (start at $15/hour) particularly for Steiner Ranch residents since Steiner Ranch is a very expensive cab ride from downtown Austin, not to mention having to go get your car the next day if you left it there.  Plus with her services there are no parking hassles, parking costs or valet costs — just door to door service.  For more information, you can reach Jennette at 512-630-2227 or via her website.

Stay Safe!

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  1. I definitely would NOT recommend this service. We called and emailed her through her site multiple times and never got any response. i hope she is okay.

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