Fion: Wine, Beer, Cigar Pub opens October 1st 2007

I stopped by Fion today and talked to to the owners of Fion. They are opening on Monday, October 1st. They have a large wine rack, a large beer selection in a walk in cooler, and a snack and cigar bar. There is some nice seating in the front and other tables throughout the pub. They do not have a website yet, but will soon.

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  1. We had the same questions, but stopped by last night and were pleasantly surprised. Lots of smoke outside, unfortunately, but none inside. Great wine selection.

  2. We love this place! As a wine lover, I was overwhelmed by their massive selection of wines and beers from every country you can imagine. Everyone should experience something like this! Where have they been all my life?

  3. Went by the place on Tuesday. Josh greeted me with a handshake and a nice explanation of his shop and what they can do for customers. Nice selection of beers, wine, cheese and snacks in a great atmosphere, not too strip mallish. Like a place you might go to in the Warehouse District, with out the drive and a takeout option. Prices are not out of control either. This will quickly become a great hangout in the community for neighbors to get together. Thank God we won’t have to drive out of the neighborhood to go to a place like this.

    I’m also hearing that there is a group of neighbors who doesn’t want them around – some kind of petition beign circulated. What’s up with that?

  4. I went by Fion for the first time yesterday and the beer selection was incredible. Josh gave the the run down on the place (they do mix and match 6 packs). It’s great that this place in Steiner.

  5. “I’m also hearing that there is a group of neighbors who doesn’t want them around – some kind of petition being circulated. What’s up with that?”

    That’s crazy, but in a neighborhood the size of ours, you always have those ‘up tight’ types. This is Austin; go live in the ‘bible belt’ if you want a dry county!

    I wish I could start a petition against those neighbors who put up cones in the middle of the street (aka Central Park) so their kids can take over (and if you drive VERY SLOWLY through it, they smirk at you!) . . .UGH!

    All uptight people leave now, this is Austin, love this OASIS of Texas!

  6. I went this weekend for the first time and it is great. Anplace for adults to have a nice glass of wine without kids yelling and running around.

    Go by and sign the petition! They have letters posted inside from Brett at HOA.

  7. This is Mike from Fion. Just to clarify, we have a petition going in support of Fion, not the opposite. We are taking it to the community forum on the 25th to show the HOA that the homeowners they are supposed to represent are in fact in total support of us being in business in Steiner Ranch. Thanks for the support!

  8. Hello Everyone
    I apologize for using this forum to post for negative issues, but this is the best place I know to ask for assistance rather than spreading negative energy in my place of business. One in which we work very hard to promote a positive environment. I am trying to find a laywer within the community to represent my company in a lawsuit that is being brought against Fion by the Community Association. I can be reached at 512.743.5553. Thanks for your support and assistance.
    Owner, Fion Wine Pub

  9. As most of us are aware the developer of Steiner Ranch has established restrictive covenants that prohibit certain uses to protect the community and to provide such an enjoyable place to live. Those prohibited uses include: junk yards, recycling centers, mobile homes, pawn shops, flea markets, auto sales, dance halls, game parlors, adult/sexuallty oriented businesses, gambling parlors, dry cleaning plants…and night club, bar, lounge or tavern. So it looks like Fion and the developer of the center violated the deed restrictions that protect our neighborhood. That figures when the developer isn’t even local and is based out of Houston.

    I love the fact that someone opened this type of business in our area but it is in the wrong place. This type of establishment will attract people from outside the neighborhood and remember not too long ago a mother and child were injured in that same area when a car ran into them. I like the concept but it needs to be on 620 and off our residential streets.

    If we all wanted to live near a bar we would have moved downtown but I believe most people chose the area because it is family friendly. If you don’t realize this is family friendly neighborhood then go vote as there is a bond package which includes building a third elementary school in Steiner.

    I am glad the HOA and the Commercial Community Association are pursuing them and protecting our quality of life. I would hate to see what would happen to the community and property values if they didn’t.

  10. I think that when you start restricting what can be built because it doesn’t follow your moral values, then you ruin life for everyone. Why would you want this business on 620 where there is a greater chance of getting into an accident?

    You said “This type of establishment will attract people from outside the neighborhood and remember not too long ago a mother and child were injured in that same area when a car ran into them.” and that makes you sound like a bigot…not of race, but of financial status. You know who else didn’t like people from outside their neighborhood???? That’s right, Hitler.

    You need to wake up and realize that there are other people in the world other than your little “group”. I say let the business stay and you move out…I hear that there are plenty of houses available in Lago Vista.

  11. Bob N,

    While I agree with your support of Fion. I would not like you to call the previous person names. I did not like his post either, but I dont want it to get personal

    The thing that I did get about his post is the example of the car accident. That was during the morning (when Fion will never be open) and if I remember before Fion even opened. The developer may be in Houston, but the leasing agent is in Austin.

    Either way there are 2 other places you can drink at and 3 other places you can buy liquor/beer/wine from in the neighborhood. So not sure why people are picking on Fion.

    Either way my wife and I ate lunch at Lakeside this past Saturday and talked to the bartender. They are going to have outdoor seating once they construct a barrier, so when that happens more drinking outside.

    We also talked to the guys at Fion and everything seems to be OK with the HOA. They had concerns about the outdoor seating that he said they would take care of. Other than that everything is cool now between Fion and the HOA as of last Saturday.

  12. I guess I didn’t make my self clear in my last post. I am not opposed to Fion.

    I am opposed to the developer not enforcing the rules that were established in developing Steiner Ranch. I am also opposed to the way people speed on Quinlan. I am opposed to pedestrians being injured.

    Bob – I am sorry my post made me sound like a bigot to you but the Hitler comment, where did that come from? To clarify the previous post, people from outside the subdivision = people that could be unfamiliar with our streets (stop signs & speed limits) = people that once visiting an establishment just to drink and possibly over indulging could injure others on their way out by speeding or missing a stop sign. Quinlan Park is the road a lot of pedestrians use for exercising and Quinlan is the road most travel when they enter and leave the subdivision.

    So I guess Bob also thinks that the people that oppose the Wal Mart going into Northcross Mall as it increases traffic in their neighborhoods from people living outside their neighborhoods are also like Hitler???

    Mahesh – FYI: There are 3 other places you can drink at in Steiner – Tutto, Lakeside & Delicato.

    I have been involved in both retail centers in Steiner and know the development rules. Fion needs a variance from the Commercial Community Association to be in business. The dry cleaning plant (another prohibited use) by Fion got one before they opened. So as long as Fion has one, they should be fine. If not, then our HOA & CCA are not doing their jobs and that is what concerns me.

  13. Slightly off on a tangent:
    What we are asking ourselves is why do we have rules that prohibit dry cleaners, yet we have made exceptions for not just one, but two?
    Also, we love the idea of a wine bar, but also realize that not only does it attract people from the outside our little bubble that don’t know the roads. Another problem we have seen is that more importantly people who do live here tend to overindulge and then decide to drive home because “it’s just around the corner”.

    Again, we like the idea of Fion but we are being realistic about people and their behaviour since we know people who have driven home after way too much alcohol.

  14. You have way too much time on your hands. The owner of Fion is just trying to make a living. This is just a local place for either parents or singles needing a night out. Much nicer than having to drive home on 2222/620 after a few drinks…when your house may be just around the corner. Why don’t we come to your place of business and determine if you are following what the rules are?

  15. Rules rules rules, look like we all where takes for fools. Look up on the hill and see the Garden sh## just developed by little Tommy Steiner. So when we talk about what is right for the home owners. Take a vote and see what everyone wants. Not the fake stuffy home owners in there. The following HOA is a joke and imposes BS and I am impressed with this place. It is nice to be able to go somewhere close and have a drink.
    Now that we have rules in place that garden sh## can do what they want …. Great Job!

    Hope you make it Fion …..

  16. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people are not going to drive half-way into Steiner to get a drink. There are other venues closer to those who live outside your little bubble. Steiner is not the envy of all, it’s just another place to live.

    I’ve been in Fion a handful of times, and it’s definitely nothing of the “seedy bar” variety at all. It’s a nice, clean, responsible atmospthere, and like any bar, I’m sure the bartenders/managers will limit people who have had too much. Close the place and they’ll all just go over to Lakeside to get smashed if they really wanted to. They have a nice little bar set-up going on over there WITH the flatscreens. More draw. So, let the little wine place stay. I like it!

  17. I suppose Steiner Ranch HOA should also shut down Tutto Gusto, Lake Side, UT Golf Course, and even the frickin’ coffee shop if they choose to close Fion: they all serve booze of some sort. The HOA needs to pull their head out of their @ss and focus on cleaning up the neigoborhood. 1 out of 10 houses reminds me of Cleveland. Just look at my neighbor: weeds so high you can’t see the front porch. HOA: start by talking to the “Clampets” about their yards. Fion only makes Steiner more attractive. Good luck Josh.

  18. Only went there once, but really liked it. I only wish it were a little bigger. We had to wait for a while for a place to sit.

    And I think it’s ridiculous that the HOA has a problem with this business because it is a bar. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the other 2 restaurants in Steiner have bars? Complete with stools and tvs? Why is that OK, but this isn’t?

    I also noticed that they blacked out the word “Pub” on their sign because of the HOA issues. Ironic considering that there’s a big sign for Liquor in the same shopping center, which is apparently OK.

  19. It’s situations like this that make me hate Steiner. I can’t believe all of you Fion-haters live so close to one of the coolest cities on the planet and are so full of negative, close-minded, elitist ideals. Fion is a wine and beer market with a small, quaint bar area that provides a nice outing for adults within Steiner without having to drive all the way into downtown. The fact is that people are going to drink. Like a few people stated previously, there are 3 other places to do so within Steiner. Fion should not be punished for the leasing agent or developer being inept. And, if the neighbors don’t like this type of establishment…….maybe they need to go back to Dallas or whatever elitist, small-minded, negative place from whence they came. We’re adults. We drink. Get over it. I promise we’re all going to drive the same way whether we drank at Lakeline, Fion, Quinlan Grill or Iguana. That is a mute point.

    I personally am so tired of the attitude of Steiner residents that I cannot wait to leave this place. Exemplary schools? Who cares. I would never raise my children amongst such a hateful group of people. Access to the lake? So what. I would rather be landlocked forever than be surrounded by people like the Fion-hating residents. You exemplify everything that is wrong with Steiner…..

    Go Josh! I wish you the best of luck. Come into town… people are MUUUUUUUUUUCH cooler and nicer there!

  20. We love Fion, and go there often. Great place! I think most of Steiner is happy that it is there. I hope the restaurant does great business!

  21. Was in there the other day and heard Josh mention they have approval from the HOA to build out the patio area. Hooray!! I think that will be lovely when the weather gets cooler, especially with the bistro planned next door.

    I am also very happy to see the HOA approve this since many residents seem to really enjoy Fion.

  22. We frequent Fion at least once a week, if not to grab a quick pint from their awesome selection on tap, then fill up on a variety six pack from their expansive coolers. We LOVE Fion – it is unique, hip, local, unassuming, a place you can go in shorts and flip-flops and not feel out of place. I would hope there is a forum that residents can communicate what a great place Fion is for the local residents. There will always be people who are negative just be so, but I hope Fion continues to be successful, and we can all do our part to support them by going there and buying their products!

  23. Went to the new bistro at Fion last night and LOVED it! The hostess was very helpful – offered us drinks upon entering. Our server (Jenny, I think) was so helpful as well. After hearing the specials, I wanted them all. I ordered the pork chop and it was ok, but I waas fortunate enough to try some of my friends dishes. The meatloaf with buttermilk masked potatoes was HUGE and incredible! I can’t wait to order that again…maybe take out tonight? The brownie desert was amazing as well (and I’m not a big chocolate person). All in all, I think they’re doing a great job and I’m sure they will stick around. I can’t wait to go back and try more things. Everything on the menu looked fantastic!

  24. Fion’s is the best thing Steiner has going for it! (an the surrounds for that matter) The new bistro is to die for. Paul the head chef is fantastico!
    We love that there is a place that adults can go and not have screaming brats running the joint. Thank you Josh for good wine, great atmosphere and now, great food.

  25. Anyone know what time Fion’s opens for lunch?? I do know they started serving yesterday but can’t find a number for them?

  26. Listen to this. So’ I come home today and find a doorhanger on the front door that says “Fion Now Delivers.” Excited as hell, the wife and I called up for dinner and order two meals and a bottle of wine. Food was awesome as usual, delivery time was 45 minutes to an hour, wine was, well how bad can it be when you don’t even have to leave the house. So evidently Fion is now delivering food, wine, and beer to the entire neighborhood of Steiner. Mahesh you need to make this a new front page post!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited we are to not even have to leave the house to get an incredible meal and excellent wine delivered to my front door. ROCK ON FION!!!!!!!!!!!!

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