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Christmas Lights

December 14, 2011

Every night my kids want me to drive them around and look at Christmas lights.  It doesn’t seem like there are as many this year, but I wanted to share some of our favorite streets for anyone else who enjoys this.  Summer Vista is by far the most decorated neighborhoods with some of the nest displays on Bright Sky Overlook, Ursa Major, and Nova Ct.  The Grimes Ranch/Majestic Oaks Loop in majestic Oaks is great and there’s one house in Majestic Oaks Pass that is awesome!  Sierra Vista has some nice displays but you need a code to get in.  I enjoy the “Texas Night Before Christmas” up on Mira Mesa, but my kids can’t read the story cards yet – maybe next year.  What are some of your favorite streets?

3 responses to “Christmas Lights”

  1. Monterey says:

    Monterey Path in the Monterey neighborhood next to River Ridge.

  2. HMKM says:

    Try the Monterey sub division in Bella Mar. Monterey Path and El Socorro Lane.

  3. Random Steiner Resident says:

    Not related to Christmas lights, but related to our electricity:

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