Elicia Gower Michaud is an experienced Realtor serving the Steiner Ranch community. After spending seven years in California as a Realtor and Broker, Elicia moved to Austin, Texas with her two beautiful children in 2006 – settling in the community she instantly fell in love with, Steiner Ranch.

Steiner Ranch Info is the manifestation of Elicia’s passion for this community. As an exclusive Steiner Ranch Realtor, Elicia makes it her job to know this community inside and out, keeping very close tabs on its history, current events and what’s up and coming. Elicia’s passion not only helps keep the Steiner Ranch community connected, it makes her the most effective agent for anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Steiner Ranch.

The purpose of Steiner Ranch Info is to provide current and up-to-date information about Steiner Ranch to both current residents and potential residents. Day in and day out, Steiner Ranch Info updates the latest and greatest about the community from upcoming events, to recent news, to all the amenities, to the latest available real estate.

It is our mission to be the one stop information stop for Steiner Ranch. Tell your friends. Join us and let’s makes Austin’s greatest community even greater!


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