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January 31, 2008

Networking Organization in Steiner Ranch

I got an email from Elicia, the person who started this networking organization in Steiner Ranch. This organization is worldwide and Elicia started a chapter in Steiner Ranch. She can explain better what this organization is about. Read below. BNI is a a professional networking organization that allows only one person from each profession and the opportunity to share referrals. It is a structured meeting that is held every week and can be a […]

January 30, 2008

Steiner Ranch Winter Pool Usage Denial

I got some emails from some readers about the fact that the Steiner Ranch Master Association denied the request (link here) to allow the Aquatics Swim Team to have exclusive use of the Bella Mar Lap Pool during the winter months if they paid for heating the pool and related expenses. Supposedly the board balked at the last minute and asked for resident feedback at the last minute. I remember this because the email was sent out Thursday and a […]

January 25, 2008

Shops at Steiner Ranch – More tenants getting set

There are a couple of updates on the Shops at Steiner Ranch. Some of these are rumors and some of them like the Montessori school is confirmed. The first one where the cat is already kind of out of the bag in the comments section of the School and Kids News Post is that a Montessori school will take most of the now empty building near the water fountain. They plan on opening this summer. It is called School in the Hills Montessori […]

January 24, 2008

Some minor details about the Four Points HEB renovation

I had an earlier post about the fact that HEB would be undergoing renovations at the corner of 620 and 2222, also known as the Four Points HEB. Now some more details from a recent article in the Austin 360. So it looks like some cool things are coming to this store. I don’t know which way the store will grow maybe behind the store or to the pharmacy side, or they will just rearrange the current store, although it is hard to see where the current […]

January 23, 2008

The road formerly known as Steiner Ranch Blvd

I got a few emails and had a dinner conversation on how terrible the road that leads from the secondary entrance of Steiner Ranch from 620 to Quinlan Park Road on Steiner Ranch Blvd. I was surprised to see that other people were so annoyed with it as I was. For the people that don’t take a left turn at the “first” Steiner Ranch entrance to avoid the light to go to Oasis and then a couple of light changes at Quinlan and 620, you might not […]

January 19, 2008

Soup Delivery Service in Steiner Ranch

I have not tried this out, but from the website it sounds interesting. This guy was a chef at some pretty good restaurants in Austin. Interesting concept. If someone has tried it, post a comment. link Hi, my name is Brad Yerkes. I am a born and raised Austinite and live in the Steiner Ranch area. I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. I have been a chef at Siena, Mezzluna,and many other restaurants in the Austin area. I have […]

January 13, 2008

School and Kid News

As you can probably tell from the content on this blog and the fact that I have time to do a blog like this, my wife and I don’t have kids at this time. Because of this I feel this blog lacks information in one of the biggest aspects of Steiner Ranch: kids and schools. I am looking for someone who has information they would like to put up on this blog to the readers on those two topics. If you are interested send me an e-mail at […]

January 13, 2008

Bridge in River Place over Lake Austin?

I had an email from a reader asking if I knew about a bridge being built presumably in the rear of River Place crossing Lake Austin. I have not. Have any of the readers heard of this either? I want to go drive around there today, but forgot. Next weekend. The only three roads it could be off if are Big View Drive, Far View Drive, or Ranch Creek Drive. I doubt it though, because everyone would go nuts if that is happening. Attaching some map […]

January 13, 2008

Tennis anyone?

My parents are fanatical tennis players, and they are members of multiple tennis leagues where they live in Atlanta. One of those leagues that my mom plays in is called Ultimate Tennis sponsored by K-Swiss. She heard it was starting in Austin last fall so I joined. It is a singles league that runs from February through April. It costs 35 dollars a season and you get about 8 or 9 guaranteed matches and if you get enough points you can qualify for […]

January 13, 2008

Recommendations for Steiner Ranch Lawn Services

I get some questions from readers about what other readers would recommend for certain services. I try and post all of them, and I know this particular question would garner some response. Since I do my own yard work… or try to, can anyone answer this question? From Lois: I would like to ask the readers if anyone could recommend a lawn service that cuts your lawn and also will maintain the flower beds. I heard of someone that will do all […]

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