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October 28, 2007

High Pointe Village

Another update on High Pointe Village with some text and some pictures. First from the description from the website trying to sell retail at the development. High Pointe Village is a beautifully planned neighborhood life style center with a regional location. Located just south and east of the RR 620 and FM 2222 intersection at Four Points, High Pointe Village will serve the lake communities in far west Austin and the daily commuter traffic […]

October 19, 2007

Police at 620 and 2222… beware

This is more of a warning and a question post. I see in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon cops waiting for people to go in the “turn” lane to go east/right onto 2222 from 620. They are waiting in the parking lot of the three business I don’t know the names of before the Wells Fargo bank. I am not really sure why they are pulling people over. I guess its because people are lining up in the far right lane too early. I guess it makes more […]

October 19, 2007

Toll Road News

Nothing to do with Steiner Ranch really, but the toll road news does not sound good. Here is the plan that was approved about a week ago by Austin City Council Members.I honestly don’t think that anyone benefits from these toll roads except the 290/71 interchange, but I see the fix290.org people seem to have a much better solution. I guess the only way we can change policy like this is to go out and vote for new […]

October 19, 2007

Leander ISD growing too fast??

That is what this article in the Statesman thinks. I think I see the land at the top of Tumbleweed Hill getting cleared for the new high school. Not sure if it is for that or some other development. I also have heard of rumors of a third elementary school in Steiner Ranch. Not sure if that rumor is true or not, but we will see. Interesting snippet from the article.Student enrollment is expected to be 58,618 by 2017. The district, which has 30 […]

October 19, 2007

Shops at Steiner Ranch Update

I emailed the developers of the Shops at Steiner Ranch and they said a Hair Salon is going to come up next to the Pak Mail. I did not see any construction ongoing… but I guess we have to be patient. I hope its a place for guys like me to get a ten dollar haircut, but I doubt that business model would make much sense. So expect a higher end hair salon. He also said there are three possible tenants that could come to the building by the […]

October 19, 2007

Cups and Cones… Opening October 25th?

I emailed the owners of Cups and Cones and they say the tentative opening date is October 25th, maybe sooner. I stopped by there and painting and construction were going on and it looks possible. Hopefully it opens […]

October 19, 2007

Comment Roundup…

Since some people do not read all of the comments… I decided to do a comment roundup of the most interesting comments. Here goes everything.Not many rumors posted but two new ones on this post. One is the possibility of a sushi bar posted by Lindsey(my favorite commenter so far.. she has some good comments on some other threads), Also Mike the owner of Fion, who is more in the know than most people, is saying that there could be another eatery […]

October 19, 2007

Lawyers in Steiner Ranch wanted and Fion News

I am not sure if people read the comment sections or not… but Josh the owner of Fion Wine Pub is asking for some lawyer help. If anyone is a lawyer and wants to/can help, please contact him. His phone number is in the comments section. There was some confusion about the fact that there was a petition and what it was about. The petition is created by the Fion owners for support from Steiner Ranch Residents against the Steiner Ranch Hoa. So if […]

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